4 May 2010

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty release date announced!

Something a bit different, but I am glad to know that the highly anticipated RTS game StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty has a release date now: 27th July 2010 ^^

For those who are not so familiar with the game, it is the sequel of the 1998 PC game by Blizzard, featuring 3 different races Terran (the humans), Protoss (high-tech humanoids), and the Zerg (aliens). StarCraft II will take place approximately 4 years after the original game, and singleplayer will be split to 3 different games. The first one to come out is for the Terran campaign called Wings of Liberty. Singpleplayer campaigns for Zerg and Protoss will come at later dates (yet to be confirmed) as seperate games, but the multiplayer will still be the same.

The singleplayer will be a bit different to the multiplayer part of the game. For example a number of old units from the first game will make appearance again in the singleplayer as playable units, and are not available in multiplayer.

Wings of Liberty will be released simultaneously in the United States, Canada, Europe, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Mexico, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Info from SC2 Blog, also reported by Ngee Khiong


Oh yeah~ I would love to get my hands on the game when it comes in Hong Kong! Even though I suck at the original game, I still love it and I enjoyed making singpleplayer missions with the campaign/map editor back in the earlier years. It was one of my first PC games that I have seriously played back then, and it still is considered a classic among a lot of us, gamers or not. Hell, even my sister knows what Zerg is (laughs).

Must buy a proper desktop for gaming purposes once the summer starts~ I am definitely looking forward to it! ^^


Screenshots from official site, last image from SC2 Blog


  1. Fuwk Yeah,Its on! *Brings out the flamethrower* Fire BATS STYLE!!Even if g*damn mauraders replaces them

  2. @ GunStray:
    "Need a light?"
    "Let's burn~"

    Yea it's a pity that some units will be gone, but at least you can still play with Firebats on singleplayer missions, along with Goliaths and Medics. Haven't seen much of Marauder gameplay to know how effective they are at the moment so I can't comment much about them.

    But still it's really worth looking forward to! It's only about 2.5 months away!

  3. Convenient release date T_T Right before my exams in early August.... oh well, at least I know now that I won't be dead last in my class rankings because of this game (a good 20% of students are Korean) lol.

  4. Didnt get the chance to play the beta. Damn hell excited about this... FOR AIUR!!!

  5. @ robostrike:
    Ack, that's really not great for you. At least you won't be alone with a lot of Koreans dying for its release ^^;

    @ K:
    I haven't got beta either (no time for it either), but SC2 blog may still give away some more in the near future (it has done so twice already). Otherwise we should wait for it to come in July! For Aiur!

  6. Cool. This brings back some good memories. Friends, LAN gaming, a soda spilled on the keyboard.

  7. My friend has given up in convincing me to GET it. Well, there's still just over 2 months to go so there's plenty of time.
    Hmmm... I wonder if it's Mac compatible.

    The hardware on my PC is so outdated, it doesn't even meet the recommended specs. on any new games. -_-

  8. @ RyoBase:
    Good old days indeed. Humming the tunes, saying the units' dialogs, LAN games, and some random mapmaking when I was really bored! Wish I could recover a lot of the old work I have made back then.

    @ Optic:
    I am pretty sure that SC2 is developed for Mac as well. My current laptop doesn't fare any better; it can barely play games that are around or before 2003. I can't remember what the newest game this laptop has managed to play well after Battlefield 1942...


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