10 May 2010


It's that time of the year again - May is going to be one hectic month for me.

"... Oh bugger"

Blogging may still happen now and then, but everything else (e.g. visiting other people's blogs etc) will be kept to a minimum while I will try to deal with this Zaku (I mean real life).

Time to get focused on real life; should I really disappear this month, I will be back in June.


  1. Ganbatte!
    Crush this puny little Zaku with your ultimate powers

    See you later :D

  2. Ganbarre~! I wish you success in your studies!

  3. What another zaku! Oh well wish you luck on them studdies.

    Now I have to go prep myself to face a Gouf in late june

  4. @ Blowfish:
    Thanks! If only I have a Gundam to face it ^^; Still gotta face it nonetheless!

    @ robostrike:
    Thanks! I will give it my all!

    @ GunStray:
    Thanks! A Gouf sounds pretty scary~ At least it's not a Zeong that we have to face ^^;


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