6 April 2010

Recent purchases

Bought a few stuff while I am back in Hong Kong briefly. Some of these are unexpected purchases, while 2 are in my to-buy list mentioned last month.

First off - HGUC 1/144 Unicorn Gundam, Unicorn mode and Destroy mode, each with a 1/48 Head Display Base. Both are listed as "limited" models. More information on them can be found via Ngee Khiong.

I have asked Ngee Khiong whether he knows anything about this set of limited gunpla since there are no official information to be found on them so far. The only thing we can conclude from them so far is that they are probably released for regions outside Japan since we have not got information about them, and we haven't found any Japanese sites or blogs mentioned them either. This is probably why I can get it at reasonable prices for them (only a tad more expensive than the normal releases due to the extra base in the kit), and I can see them in several shops here and there.

If these are really international only limited items, then these Unicorn Gundam set are not the only ones to be so so far; some of the clear colour SEED gunpla I have spotted in a Gundam event in SOGO last year are probably international release too, as well as the MG Aile Strike Gundam bundled with a bazooka that was originally a price item given out by some Japanese stores back then.

... And I have bought one for myself last September without even knowing how it came about - it just appeared in local shops one day as if it's a new release or something.

Built the HGUC Zaku II F2 EFSF colour straight away, which I have decided to equip with Federation weapons rather than the Zaku's own weapons. Goes well with the GM Commands I have bought last summer, especially with the colour scheme~

My first Robot Damashii on the right next to my recently built Zaku II F2 - the M9D Falke. Have watched Full Metal Panic! recently and I have always liked the mecha design for the M9 series (Gernsback and Falke). The Falke's dark appearance with slick designs really drew me in. Accessories are only limited to one blade and a rifle, which is kinda pitiful compared to the other Arm Slaves in the Robot Damashii line. Will probably do a review of it before I leave Hong Kong this coming Saturday.

That's pretty much it for now. I have also pre-ordered a figma Black ★ Rock Shooter in a local shop, so I will be looking forward to see that coming in this summer.

On the other hand, I (finally) got dragged by a friend of mine into this world of Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter right here, but I still don't know whether I will use it indefinitely. Well, we shall see.


  1. God that's a fuckload of gundam.

    And yeah, I'm not a BRS fan, but that figma is fucking sweet.

  2. @Q,

    how much does the bundled HGUC Unicorn gundams [Normal & Destroy mode] cost respectively over at HongKong?

    Nice loot you got there by the way. Seeing how everyone is buying new loot, is tempting me to get some too. :D~

  3. @Q,

    sorry for the double post. ^^' Just wished to notify you that your twitter hyperlink is not working.

    "http//" is being repeated in your destination url, making the link broken and invalid.

  4. jacques, become one of us! buy buy buy! LOL

  5. Really?? All the look for the Gundam Unicorn head now worthless >_< Oh well, have fun building them! ^_^

  6. Daeeem! that sure is a lot of Gundams O_o. congrats on your latest acquisitions

  7. Nice buddy! Sorry I was MIA for a bit, but it looks like you've been busy! The Zaku/GM Commando team looks quite awesome. Any change you'd build a diorama setting?

  8. @Luffy,

    I have 2 preorders planned for May at the moment. Aside from those 2, I don't think I will make any addional purchase at the moment yet. but it may change depending on circumstances.

  9. @ zenical:
    You are still teasing me about me not getting the nendoroid BRS ^^;

    @ Snark:
    I too am not that into BRS, but the figma really draws me in like a black hole or something... orz

    @ Luffy d Munkey:
    Sure! Will do so very shortly~

    @ Jacques:
    I got my Unicorn and Destroy mode at 134 and 160 (bargained) HKD respectively in different shops. Only a litlte more expensive than the regular ones because of the base, but that's it. I think it's quite a deal already.

    Corrected the Twitter URL now. Thanks for the heads-up!

    @ robostrike:
    Yea I feel sorry for you and others who took great effort to look for the Unicorn head base that came with the magazine a few months ago. These 2 bundled kits are completely unexpected releases, and I don't even know they exist until I visited some local shops a few days ago. Heck, I can feel some people raging over this right now...

    @ K:
    Haha now you know that I am fairly into Gundam stuff. While some of these are unexpected purchases, I have been wanting to get the others for quite some time since their announcement!

    @ Apt-1B:
    I am really liking how the Zaku fits well with my GM Commands. Haven't planned to build a diorama yet; it's quite a thing to do, and I lack the resources and space to do so ._.

  10. Haha, Shana is now only 1/4 the size of a gundam xD. Nice Unicorn Gundam's, I personally like (Destroy Mode). If only it can glow that nice red color in real life lol.

  11. Hot diggity! If the HG Unicorn Gundam Unicorn/Destroy Mode had that limited edition bases here, I would've bought them! I do have the MG version and I haven't even built that yet ^^;


    Im gonna thank bandai once again for HG-fying esef Zaku, since I almost bought the MG

  13. I will quietly keep the rage to myself about the display base ^^;. Everyone who bought the HGUC Unicorn so far always buy both. It must be a given to pick both up at once haha. Enjoy your new models!

  14. @ AS:
    Shana sure becomes even tinier with that big MG gunpla box she's sitting on ^^;

    The Destroy mode is a big favourite for many fans. Somebody in a model shop in Mong Kok did make a 1/100 model of it with the psychoframe glowing red. You can have a look at it right here~

    @ Ecchi Man:
    Wow, your title "Ecchi Man" is now official ^^;

    I wasn't going to buy the two Unicorns at first, but when I saw these bundled with the head display base I just thought it's too good for a deal. Besides they are not too expensive either! Do build your MG Unicorn! Haven't seen you done gunpla for some time!

    @ GunStray:
    Haha, I will do a review of BRS when I have my hands on mine ^^;

    I too am very happy with Bandai releasing HGUC Zaku II F2 - totally unexpected when it was first announced, but it definitely goes well with my 1/144s so I don't have to go buy an MG just like you!

    @ Z:
    I can understand how frustrating it is that such nice bundled Unicorns are released when you have bought the magazine release which is not exactly cheap or easy to find... Wasn't planning to get them, but with the head display base I thought I would like to buy both so I can display both gunpla and head in both modes. Will build them in the summer for sure!

  15. Dang the Falke really does look sleak with its dark colors. I've never been too interested in robot damashi but the recent FMP figures are getting me curious. Gotta love the M9 series and the Arbalest.

  16. @ C.Jin:
    The M9 series are so far the only ones I am really interested towards in Robot Damashii line, and got me to watch the anime series as well. I like the Falke I've bought, and won't mind buying the Gernsbacks if they are not too expensive!


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