18 July 2009

Revoltech Reycal Orichalcum preview

Update: Review available here!

It looks like that I may fall for another little action figurine next month -_-;;

Revoltech Reycal Orichalcum
Meet Reycal Orichalcum, from a relatively new manga series of the same name.

She will be released by Kaiyodo Revoltech on 15th August so these pictures are from a preview by Hobby Stock.

Revoltech Reycal Orichalcum
Reycal will be released under Kaiyodo Revoltech's Yamaguchi line (not Fräulein or Queen's Blade line). Standing at about 13cm, she will be around the same size as figmas, which is good news for me ^^

As for the manga, here's a sypnosis from Baka-Updates Manga:
Sakugi Mitsuaki is a poor college student who gets hooked on figure modeling. In return for helping his class he receives some special putty -- but the figure he builds with it suddenly comes to life. The figure is a life force called Orichalcum ("Oriharukon") that fulfills the wish of its creator. Their strange life together begins

I'm sure that an inanimate girl coming into life is not the first time for a manga/anime series already, but I hope this will be a good series should I decide to continue it after the first chapter.

Revoltech Reycal Orichalcum
Number of accessories (optional hands, faces, armour parts for Knight Reycal mode, and stand) looks fairly good. The Knight Eagle is not included here.

Revoltech Reycal Orichalcum
Hair has joints so you can fan them out for more dynamic poses, but I personally prefer the ones in figma Shana, which are a bit more subtle.

Revoltech Reycal Orichalcum
Hole-in-the-back like figmas. Judging from the fact that the Revoltech joints are pretty universal and my experience with Revoltech Airi, Reycal should also be compatible with the figma stands.

Revoltech Reycal Orichalcum
Reycal's bird-shaped armour Knight Eagle. Haven't come across this yet as I've only read the first chapter. Gotta say that the head doesn't look like that of a bird's though ^^;

Revoltech Reycal Orichalcum
Knight Eagle can combine with Reycal to form "Knight Reycal"

Revoltech Reycal Orichalcum
Action pose as Knight Reycal. Hope the stand can hold the figure just as well when the real product comes out.

Reycal holding an art knife...

... Which is to simulate this particular scene.
Manga extract from AnimeA

Revoltech Reycal Orichalcum
デレデレ ("dere dere", i.e. lovestruck)

Retail price for this will be 2400 Yen, which is just 100 yen cheaper than regular figmas. Both Hobby Search and HLJ has her up on pre-order.

First noticed this from Ngee Khiong, which is a little ironic as he mainly focuses on Gundams and mechas ^^; What's interesting though is that it's not mentioned much in many other places. Being roughly at the same size and price with figma, I'd say that it looks promising and a fair deal, but let's hope the real thing is as good as I hope.

Anyone planning on getting this? It could be just me, but she somehow looks a little broad at some angles, and some people even complained about her "thunder thighs", but nevertheless I think I might get this when it comes within a month's time :o

All images are from Hobby Stock

As for what I've got with the same price recently, here it is:

3 HGUC 1/144 GM Commands (800 Yen each)

"3? Have you gone nuts buying 3 of the same models?" Well, I tend to like grunt machines a bit more, so I've wanted to build at least 1 team of them (3 units) to get to match with the Zakus from Ground War Set, which I've got 2 of them sometime back in April. But hey, 3 cheap gunpla for the price of a figma isn't bad though (well at least for me ^^;)

Have been building the 4 tanks from the Ground War Set at the moment, and they are surprisingly detailed and a pain to panel line; perhaps reaching that of a MG gunpla XD This would surely require quite a bit of patience to get them all done, and I still have quite a backlog of other gunpla to do ^^;


  1. I usually have no interest in figures of characters that I don't know, and this is no exception. Especially now since I'm finding myself running out of space for displaying them.

    "3? Have you gone nuts buying 3 of the same models?"

    I'd do the same thing if they were 800 yen each.

  2. Meh I might Buy This, Mangas pretty cute with a little sense of nudity =w=
    The face is a problem though.

    LOL though Im the only nut who buys an army of Grunts

  3. Yamguichi Line?
    Only knew about the regular,Fräulein and QB line so far.
    What kinda figures end up in the Yamahuichi Line?

    The storyline isnt particulary new but that goes for nearly any manga/anime these days...

  4. Mentioning ur backlog of other gunpla yet to do reminds me of my figma batch where I have yet to open. lol

    If you don't get it now, ur gonna get it eventually so just get it now.

    If you get it, u can forget about it. That's what my mate keeps telling me. xD

  5. She's got nice legs ^^ but a little too much armor attachments(wanna be skygirls/bosou shinki) plus the quality doesn't look as good as a figma :/ I hate the little clicky noises revoltech makes -_- but she still looks good:) but with all the upcoming figmas I'll pass on her

    Nice get with those GM's, want to see the whole Zaku vs GM's soon k :D

  6. i've only read the first chap too ^^
    awesome! will pass on this tho...

  7. Hmm, not too keen on this figure to be honest. I read a bit of the manga and it didn't really appeal to me.

    Have you heard of Busou Shinki? They have a pretty similar concept

  8. @ gndynames:
    It's good to avoid buying things one does not know too well, or we can end up like radiant who is getting overloaded by his figures ^^;

    The GMs I've got are actually lower than the retail price, and I've got them even cheaper as the shopkeeper gave me discount for buying multiple of them~

    @ GunStray:
    Reycal's face looks a bit better in the manga (from what I've read so far). I'm still sorta on the fence, but will see when it's released and reviews are up.

    As for the grunts, I've got 3 HG Slaughter Daggers from the Stargazer series too :P

    @ Blowfish:
    Yamaguchi line is the line where most of the mechs and super robots belong to (e.g. Gurren Lagann and Evangelion at the moment), so it's unusual for it to introduce a bishoujo figurine there.

    On the other hand, I agree that it's not easy to come up with something good and original now as there are so many series and titles by now...

    @ Optic:
    Opening figma boxes is far easier than building a whole gunpla! XD

    "If you get it, you can forget about it" lol that's pretty true for some (if not many) collectors I have to say...

    @ blueplains:
    I think I'll just leave the armour parts in bird mode should I decide to get it. Not sure about the quality but figma specialises on bishoujos so Reycal will naturally get overlooked, though I admit that the clicking noises to need some time to get used to ^^;

    Still got quite a backlog of gunpla to do, but might get a crack on them first then the Hildolfr once I've finished on the tanks :o

    @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
    T'is not easy to find more chapters to read after chapter 1. Took me a while to find the first volume in Chinese.

    @ Snark:
    Given on what you like it's not surprising that Reycal not your kind of thing.

    I did hear about the Busou Shinki line before, and Reycal does have similarities of having mecha-like armours. Overall I am not familiar with them as they are now getting more and more overlooked by lines such as figma nowadays.

  9. Ah so thats the Yamaguchi line?

    I have the Revy from that line! ^_^
    I dont know if shes qualifies as bishoujo ^^;

  10. I preordered Reycal last week through personal means.

    Fell in love with the manga as soon as I found out that it was from the same mangaka who gave us Jinki Extend (damn you ADV!!! why did you have to abandon that manga???)

    The bird armour was a really nice touch I felt. Reminded me of something from an old anime called Samurai Pizza cats!

  11. I'm just thinking, a mobile suit team is composed of three suits only? I thought it'd make more sense if it were 4-6.

  12. Having 3 1/144 GM Commands to form a team looks like a great idea, will you be doing a diorama for them at the same time too?

    At the same time, I am contemplating with a idea to try and do a GM Sniper II mod from a GM Command or other GM variant. Always wanted a GM Sniper II but don't see it getting release by Bandai :(

  13. She looks very nice. for a moment I thought she could actually tranform into that bird-like thingy =P.

    read on and realised oh! it's not.. but she can combine with it... XD

  14. Speaking of Grunts. My last few memories of WAR 40k, has me sending out my last 3 B.S. only to end up as cannonfodders... I hate baneblades

  15. The hair reminds me of Kos-mos. Haha looks like you are putting Shana in every shots now ^^, she's so adorable

  16. I love the armor and how it turns into an "eagle", but I can't really justify buying a poseable figure unless I really like it or it's a potential Saber Lily comic material XD

    A lot of my favourite cartoons and anime back then involves removable armors ^^;

  17. @ Blowfish:
    Revy is more like mature and coolsome rather than a typical bishoujo to me ^^

    @ GundamJehutyKai:
    Hiya, thanks for coming by!

    Given that you do figure modelling, I'd figure that the concept of Orichalcum Reycal would be your kind of thing~ I don't know much about the Jinki series, but is it still getting published regularly? Doing two mangas at the same time doesn't sound easy to me :o

    Samurai Pizza Cats! I remember encountering them on TV a long, long time ago. Time sure flies...

    @ gndynames:
    Given on what I've watched from 08th MS Team, as well as footages from games such as Lost War Chronicles, Zeonic Front, and MS Sensen 0079, I can safely assume that both sides normally employ 3 MS per team.

    @ Jacques:
    Dioramas take a lot of time, space, and effort to make, and my modelling skills are definitely not up for one... -_-

    It's such a pity that Bandai did not do a GM Sniper II at the end, even though it has similar frame with the GM Commands, and worse the conversion kit from B-Club is very pricey >_<

    @ zenical:
    I'm still trying to imagine how she can transform from a human shape to a bird according to your first thought lol. Combining seems more viable I have to say ^^;

    @ GunStray:
    My knowledge of Warhammer 40k is lacking, but I surely do acknowledge that Baneblades take the franchise to a whole new level (be it as an in-game unit or just its sheer size)!

    @ valho:
    Nekomimi Shana is just too cute... And yes I am following your way of having her next to each acquired items for the shots XD

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    I usually don't care much about characters from series I am not familiar with, but somehow this one has drawn my attention (like Fate last year but not as much), so I've started reading the first volume to see what it's about. It actually seems quite promising to me, so I think I'll continue reading it should more chapters become available.

    You have quite a thing towards removable armours then? Interesting ^^;

  18. I think the QB line and the Yamaguchi line is pretty similar in their design with the exception that Yamaguchi focuses on mechas. And I can see that they borrowed some parts from their QB line on this one. I'm not going to get this myself, but she looks pretty nice. :)

  19. AAAAH Q!!! That's not what I mean XD

    There used to be an old cartoon called Centurions that had all male characters with removable armors and I wanted to get one of their toys, but so damn expensive! Same with Saint Seiya. There were a lot of them and I couldn't decide which one to get, so I never got any XD

  20. Can understand the "team" thing, cos i bought 3 Revoltech Regult (the 2 leg ball) from macross too. They looks much better compare to standing alone.

    800yen for GM is so attractive :D

  21. @ T.I.P.:
    Since Yamaguchi focuses on mechs and super robots, it surely looks unusual how Reycal belongs to this line too. I agree how Reycal will seem to have some similarities with the Queen's Blade line, since I can't see her belonging to the Fräulein line at all. I do hope that it will turn out good though as I am getting more interested towards it now :o

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    Ah, pardon me for the misunderstanding... (laughs)

    Don't know about The Centurions (and apparently it's animated by Sunrise despite being an American series!), but Saint Seiya surely rings the bell in my head;

    The Saint Seiya franchise always have new figures coming out, with various versions such as Japanese version, Hong Kong version, and there's Asia version too for some. As I haven't gone into them they often confuse me @_@

    @ B-Mecha:
    I agree how grunts tend to look better when appeared in multiple numbers. I suppose that pretty much defines "mass produced units" and "grunts" in general ^^;

  22. hi Q, I tend to be more of a phantom lurker so I've been reading but don't comment too often.

    I must admit that the premise of Reycal is fun, a figure which came to life, just a shame that the main guy only had enough to make such a small figure. It was quite cute watching her try and take care of her master when he fell ill, despite her size.

    Jinki is a mecha manga with a sordid history of publisher changes, being unable to reference previous works, etc. It also spawned a pretty abominable anime (mainly due to the plot problems) but it was completed a while back. I think Reycal is the artists only work right now. but Ogure Ito manages 2 series together so it is possible to do it!

    Now, I think I'll get a pizza pie, for the full effect.

  23. @ GundamJehutyKai:
    A little figure coming to life is interesting, and the first chapter of the manga has set things up pretty nicely. I've read a few more chapters in advance (mostly raw), and the funny thing is they're getting more and more nudity in it as most orichalcums get into more and more fights involving supernatural powers (which Reycal seem to lack in the beginning). Didn't expect more and more nudity coming, but so far so good.

    So Jinki did not go so well for both manga and anime. That's a pity as it did seem to have a sizable readership before. Hope Reycal won't have the same problem to its predecessor, as it's been a while since I've read any manga.

  24. Well, I think Jinki did pretty well as a manga, it's just that the publishers kept screwing around with it so readers had to keep changing magazines to keep up. The anime was well animated but didn't know which story to follow. Some of it was jinki, other parts were from Jinki: extend (the continuation) and it was all messed up. The manga was much easier to follow.

  25. @ GundamJehutyKai:
    I've just taken a quick look at the Japanese Wiki, and apparently Jinki is still ongoing in the form of Jinki Extended ~Relation~.

    It does seem like that it's a good series, or else there won't be ongoing 'til now. But the author does seem to have a bad luck with publications, as the magazine it's been published on is suspended or something like that :\


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