26 July 2009

ACGHK 2009 Coming soon


July is coming to an end, and the annual ACGHK (Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong) will be coming up soon - a convention focusing on animations, comics, and games in Hong Kong.

Date: 31st July - 4th August 2009
Time: 10am - 9pm daily ; closes at 8pm on 4th August
Venue: Hall 1, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Area: 126000 sq ft

Like last year, there will be a lot of stuff going on for the event, and it's not just limited to Japanese stuff - there are manga, games, and other media from various places including Hong Kong and China. I will only mention a few interesting points below:

  • Entries for the Hong Kong Dengeki modelling tournament will be up. Without a doubt I will do a coverage on it like last year.

  • Microsoft will host a large area for people to play varioous XBOX 360 games.

  • Autograph signing will be available from many authors and artists. Those from Japan will include Isuna Hasekura (支倉凍砂, author of Spice and Wolf), Mikuni Shimokawa (下川みくに, singer–songwriter), Shoko Nakagawa (中川翔子, idol singer).

  • Mikuni Shimokawa and Shoko Nakagawa will make guest apperance and perform at 19:30 on 31st July and 1st August respectively.

  • Competitions will include cosplays, image girl (don't really know what that's about), online games, and singing.

  • Doujin stuff will be available

    As mentioned by Wikipedia, the name of this fair has been changed several times as categories of products and services in ACGHK have been extending in the recent years. When it was first started in 1999 it was originally called Hong Kong Comics Festival (香港漫畫節). In 2004 the convention was sponsored by Animax, and subsequently it was renamed 2004 Animax Summer FUNtasy for that particular year. In 2006 and 2007, the convention named Ani-Com Hong Kong (香港動漫節), and was held together with the Hong Kong Games Fair (香港電玩展). Since 2008 they have merged together to become what we call today.

    I will attend the convention sometime during the weekend. Will try to take as many photos as possible like last year but don't expect me to come back with lots and lots of things.

    It's only less than one week before it starts~

    Official Site (Chinese):

    1. Gah...I am in co-op in Canada and this is really going to annoy me so much that I can't attend this event. I've been there every year before I started University and I really want to see what's new @ ACGHK >_<

    2. Great! More awesome conventions I can't go to-_-

    3. "but don't expect me to come back with lots and lots of things."

      I betcha i can poison u if I was there with ya. xD

    4. Pls post photos for us to see yeah?

    5. Ill be there on Saturday. We may see each other this weekend :3

    6. @ robotstrike:
      Sorry to hear about that, but there'll always be a next time!

      Since you said that you've been to this convention every year maybe we can meet together next year :o

      @ blueplains:
      I am sure that you'll get to go to one soon or later. Look forward to the day that will become true!

      @ Optic:
      But you have to be there physically in order to feed me the poison! XD

      @ Willie:
      I will try my best once I get the chance to attend. Would probably split it into 2 posts like last year (one for general coverage, and one for the gunpla modelling tournament).

      @ Asuka:
      If litokid from dannychoo.com has managed to contact me soon or later then the chance of me going on Saturday would be pretty high too. If we should meet together drop me an email (address is on the right column), and we can try to arrange a time.

    7. Sent you an e-mail! Saturday's fine for me. @Asuka - would be nice to see you too. :P

    8. Looking forward to pictures from you =D.

    9. @ litokid:
      Just (re)sent you a reply. It appears that there's an error that didn't show up when I first replied to you. Hope you'll receive it soon enough.

      @ zenical:
      Will try my best on the coverage!


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