4 May 2009


It's May, and things will get a bit hectic for me this month.

"What? You're asking me to take down the two Zakus all by myself?!"

Which means I will have to spend less time on blogs for the time being (i.e. this month, hence the title).

I will still continue to blog whenever I am free and the time is right for me.

But if I do happen to have disappeared, you will now know that I am trying my best fending off the Zakus at this moment... I mean getting things focused and sorted in real life.


  1. "I want you back alive, YOU HEAR ME!!!!" XD

    Just trying myself as being the commander. ^^

    I will be waiting. ^^

  2. But they're only Zakus! Take'em down fast, the way they were meant to be in the UC Gundam shows XD

    Take care and don't get blown away!

  3. Take care Buddy!
    Well await you back with a shiny medal of honour^^

  4. Think about what would Chuck norris do if he sees two zakus^^;

  5. We shall all await patiently for your return.

    At the same time, take a chance to catch a breather, recharge and then return to feed us with more stuffs :D

  6. Best of luck to you! We shall wait for your return, soldier!

  7. good luck with whatever u are up to buddy. take a break and stay in good health!

  8. @ Optic:
    XD I will be back in one piece, sir!

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    Zakus may very well be grunts, but if you get to watch MS IGLOO 2 you will appreciate how much of a threat they were when there was no Amuro Ray or even GM to save the day ^^;;

    @ Blowfish:
    Good health is more important than a shiny medal to me, but that doesn't mean I won't go for it when oppurtunity arises!

    @ GunStray(Mikee):
    LOL, the good ol' Chuck Norris joke never dies out... ^^;;

    @ Jacques:
    To be honest, it feels a little weird not visiting the blogosphere and instead get more tuned to the uglier things... @_@

    It's not so much of a break for me, but hopefully I can get this hectic month through without too many bumps. Will make sure I come back and feed you with more interesting stuff ^^

    @ Z:
    I shall hopefully get to see more of your backlog completed when I am back, comrade!

    @ gordon:
    Thanks mate. It may not be too much of a break for me, but I will take this oppurtunity to focus on what I should face. Will get back whenever I have the time!

  9. haha your leaving too ^^ guess mayday is recruiting month eh? Those Zaku's are tough but I'm sure you can make it through in a pinch =3

    Will be awaiting at the camp base private ;D (hint I'm not leaving xD)

  10. I'll keep my eyes peeled for your return my friend! I know how it goes when things get hectic.


  11. I hope you get everything sorted in life and come back soon. Good luck ^^

  12. @ blueplains:
    Not quite leaving, just not gonna be as active. But *if* I do disappear this post serves as a reason so I am not AWOL.

    Good to know that you're not leaving. I'll do my best handle what I need to handle, and will come back safely at the end of the month.

    @ Apt-1B:
    You've been through quite a bit, so I think you may even understand situations like these more than I do. Will come back now and then (my head's not always below the water!), but just that I won't be around as often.

    @ Saku:
    Thanks! It can be drastic to face, but it has to be done. >_<


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