30 April 2009

If I have 200 dollars...

... Hong Kong dollars, that is. ^^;

Hong Kong dollar (HKD) is pegged by the United States dollar (i.e. fixed exchange rate), so 200HKD roughly equals to 25USD. So what can I get with that amount of money, or rather what did I get with such amount for each purchase?

A figma?
Most 2500 Yen figma such as Shana cost about that price or slightly lower in Hong Kong, unless it's a hard-to-find one.

Or 4 light novels that Shana is sitting on right now?
I've started reading Shakugan no Shana novels sometime last year, but as I am a slow reader, my progress on it is slower than a snail at the moment... ^^;;

Or some gunpla?
The price of gunpla varies from scale and date (bigger and/or newer ones are more expensive, and vice versa), but generally I can grab around 2-3 1/144 or one 1/100 (non Master Grade) and one 1/144 with that amount of money.

Or even some military stuff?
I buy fewer military models now as there are fewer releases these days. But something like this WWII beach landing diorama as shown abobe was quite a good get for me. I have yet to open mine as I was seriously distracted by this back then... -_-

As you can see, what I can/did buy with 200 dollars can be quite varied (from figma to gunpla to military), which kinda shows how my interest starts to get a bit more diverse these days.

Getting diverse at what I like can be good, as I can start understand different people with different hobbies more and more. On the other hand, getting too diverse can also be... A little dangerous, as I am prone to even more temptations than I used to be. @_@

What will you get if you have 200HKD or 25USD in your hands right now? Figures? Gunpla? Manga? CDs/DVDs? Games? Or is it not enough for you to buy anything? XD


  1. Do I need to tell u what I will buy for 200HKD? xD

    Surprisingly, I found a mikuru figma for 99HKD at Mong Kok Toymart so if ur lucky, u can get a few instead of 1. ^^

  2. I find $200 is not much... I want so many things but only able to get so few -.-

    Do read the Shana novels though. I love the first 2 novels that's released in English. I thought they were much better than the anime. Now if only Viz would continue... looks doubtful >_<

  3. 25 USD is around 50 SGD here, so with 50 SGD I guess I can't even buy Nana Mizuki LIVE Concert dvds since they're about 6000+ yen, and scaled figurine cost about 90-120 now if you walk in and buy instead of preordering it.

    I guess I'll buy a nendoroid, and if I can't buy the nendoroid I want, I guess I will just buy CD from Cdjapan. Haha.

  4. 25 USD equal 18,85 Euro over here and what could i get?
    A Full Price CD(16,99)/about 2 Manga(ranges between 6 and 14 Euro a piece)/A Megami issue (14,90)/A Revoltech If they are on sale/...

    Theres not too much stuff to do here with that amount of money ^^;;

    A broadened interest is always nic but you can loose the overview over one topic pretty fast.

    Hey Q ive got a random question for you:
    Ive primed my GK and im not happy how the Arm turned out.Whats the best way to get rid of the Tamiya Primer on it?

  5. @ Optic:
    XD You've got a pile of them of which I can't wait to see pictures of already! ^^;;

    Afaik Mikuru has been one of the cheapest figma out there so far. I think I've seen such price in several places in Mongkok too (Toymart included) from time to time. Not sure whether it'll still be the case when I come back in June though ^^;

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    For those who live outside Asia, HK$200 really isn't that much to spend I can understand... -_-;;

    Shana novels are quite good I have to say. Do prefer them over the anime or manga. I'm currently reading the Chinese version from the Taiwan branch of Kadokawa, but is Viz not continuing with the English version anymore?? o_O

    @ zenical:
    Concert DVDs are expensive, and the price of scaled PVC figures are getting steeper and steeper these days...

    It looks like that such amount of cash won't be enough to buy a lot of things you want to buy... Well, at least there's still enough to buy a CD or two (or one cheap nendo) ^^

    @ Blowfish:
    It's not much money I agree, but you've got yourself quite a few options as to what you can buy already!

    I agree that going too broad at what one's interested can cause loss of focus, and it can be a bad thing. This is why you may not see me talking much about other topics such as military as I feel that they are too different to what the other stuff I like.

    As for your question, well you may have got the wrong person as I don't do modelling involving much paints (and I've never used primer before orz), but after reading up on the Internet some people seem to have suggested lacquer thinner. Just take care of the fact that it will also remove anything that is lacquer based that you may have applied on already (putties and fillers included).

    Hope that helps.

  6. 200 dollars, why not get PG astray or some new tanks?

    Anyway 200 is more than enough to get me back my army again ^^

  7. @ Gunstray(Mikee):
    But those 200 dollars are Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), not USD. I wouldn't mind if I can buy a PG Astray with just 200HKD/25USD ^^;;;

    Haha Warhammer; I remember how a number of fellow Brits used to play them day and night. Ah those memories...

  8. Heh whoops I forgot about the currency^^; Brits?

  9. @ GunStray(Mikee):
    I know a few British friends who used to play Warhammer back in the early days of secondary school. Not cheap stuff, but I like their models and how they put the backstory behind the factions.

  10. hmm, 25USD would get me a HG 00 model and some McDonalds haha ^^, it ain't much, but money is money, I'll take as much as I can get, maybe 25USD on gas or a gift for a friends birthday, maybe a new T-shirt, Figma,Revoltech, paint supplies for gunpla, and theirs a lot other options ^^

    Maybe donate some to a charity or hobo on the street, good karma ;D You can be surprised how much you can get with such a low amount of $$$ ^^

  11. 25USD... probably save it :P

    But if I had to spend it, then I'll choose a shirt or a figma + a few meals.

  12. @ blueplains:
    Indeed there's a lot of things one can do with such amount, and although people can overlook it as they need to buy things whose price exceed that amount, there can be a surprising amount of other stuff one can buy related to hobby and interest.

    @ konadora:
    Saving for the bigger stuff is always a good idea~

    A figma AND a few meals?? Man how much does a figma cost in your region?? @_@;;

  13. I think I'll just spend it on food lol

  14. There're two audio drama CDs I want. One is from Sola. The other is from One: To the Radiant Season. So, I'd probably get those. I've been thinking of getting a handheld, too.

    Well, now that I answered the question, can I have 200 :D??

  15. @ Anthony:
    Haha consumables; that's a good idea too :P

    @ M12:
    I think I've heard a little bit from Sola's audio drama before, which seems to happen before the anime. Haven't heard of One: To the Radiant Season though orz

    What kind of handheld are you planning to get? With just 200HKD/25USD?? I can't think of mine on top of my head @_@

    And too bad I don't have 200 with me at the moment, as I am stuck in the UK right now lol ^^;

  16. @Q:
    If I bought a figma here, I'll probably enough spare change for 2 meals :3

  17. @ konadora:
    Sounds like that figma cost around half to 2/3 of retail price in your area. That's normally the case for Hong Kong if it's got a surplus amount and/or it is horribly unpopular (e.g. Kanu). Nice price I will have to say. :o


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