29 March 2009

First loot of 2009

No kidding, I've only just got my hands on the first loot of year 2009 - figma Shana Black Hair version. ^^;

This limited figma is acquired from Hong Kong Yahoo Auctions! just like what I had to resort to for figma Fate back in summer (review here). However I wasn't in Hong Kong at the time I won the bid, so I had to ask my mother to kindly retrieve it for me (as trading has to be done face-to-face). Gotta appreciate her for all that trouble ^^;;;

Got a bit of problem with my camera so I've just taken this picture with my phone. Will hopefully get the problem solved by Tuesday. And boy I'm knackered as I've just arrived in Hong Kong a few hours ago!

Say, when did you get your first loot this year? I know some of you have them as early as the first week or two of January! o_o


  1. Ive got my first loot rather early but it really depends on how good your financial situation is and if stuff that you like comes out.

    BTW : the ToraDora Poster is from this Megami Issue

    I actually prefer the Cover over the big poster

  2. I've lost tracked. It felt like ages. xD

    It's great to see u get her. U know it was worth it. ^^

  3. @ Blowfish:
    For a person who rarely clicks on the evil "preorder" button, I'm happy to get my first loot by now already ^^;

    Oh yea it is the other Megami issue indeed. Got confused with the Super Deluxe which was mentioned right after 107. Thanks for the correction :P

    @ Optic:
    It's surely worth the get ^^

  4. Very nice get, I almost got her but that magical in stock picture turned to out of stock while I was trying to make my order. I probably won't go through the extra trouble of getting her now, but I do wish I'd have ordered her right away. I think I got my first loot of the year early January

  5. @ Persocom:
    Ouch. Could it be Play-Asia?

    I remember having the thought of getting it there as well after blogging about it early this month (albeit the price), but it soon turned out to be out of stock without me knowing it.

    Would you consider getting one via ebay? There are still some out there afaik, though we all know that there's always a risk with online auctions...

  6. i even forget my first loot >_<

    i quess it is a figure , but i forget what :D.

  7. Oh wow, where is everyone getting the black hair shana? ;___;

    First loot of the year... I think it was Shana red-hair ver. ^^; Forget exactly when though.

  8. @ vixion:
    lol could it be Char from Shuraki? (just had a quick browse through your blog :P)

    @ konadora:
    I'd assume that most people got her via Play-Asia, but I got mine from an auction.

    Red hair Shana is a nice get (I now like them equally, side-by-side~)

  9. ooo regular fate! excellent!

    according to my tsukiboard i got alice boost version on january 6... definitely on a quick pace ^^;

  10. @ meronpan:
    6th January! You surely do get your preorders rolling~ ^^;

  11. LUCKY!!!

    I think my first loot for the year was my Yotsuba Revoltech, who I love a lot.

    I just got the Empatsu Shana recently. Hope I get Noir soon

  12. @ blood on the mirror:
    I heard Yotsuba is quite sturdy like other Revoltech products, but the Fraulein line is pretty much the other way round (or so I was told)...

    Flaming hair (or Enpatsu) version just as nice IMHO, looking forward to see more of your figmas in action~

  13. @Q> She is. As for the Fraulein, so far I only have one and yeah she's not that great. It seems that the later products are doing better though. I hope.

    Haha thanks! I have to admit the flaming hair is pretty cute. I hope to be able to post often from now on.

  14. @ blood on the mirror:
    After reading a review from The Inferno Project recently, I've seen that they are improving the line considerably, and this may shine a new light for them and the customers.


    Do take your time on the blogging; can't wait to see more of your figma theatre~ (but don't force yourself too much on them!) ^^


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