26 March 2009

ALTER Fate T Harlaown up for Pre-order

The highly anticipated 1/7 Fate T Harlaown (True Sonic form) by Alter is now up for pre-order on Hobby Search! But blimey! She's to be released in August at a whooping 12800 Yen! o_o

Fate with the dual Riot Blade

Very lovely and dynamic hair to go with the pose~

The stand for this figure will be different to the one shown above (i.e. a white base to stay persistent with other Nanoha girls released so far).

Fate with her signature weapon - Riot Zamber.

The 56cm blade is surely very overwhelming o_o

She looks really great even from the back; the hair and the blade look pretty streamlined when they are portrayed together~

Close-up on the details. Is it just me, or her black hair ribbons look like some kind of nekomimi/ears at some angles?

Riot Blades (top) and Riot Zamber (bottom). Not to scale but the ones on the first image are.

A big thumbs up for ALTER judging from the promotional pictures. This figure surely looks great in terms of pose or look, just like many of the Nanoha girls released so far. Definitely recommended for any Fate fans who are willing to have their wallets tributed to her (laughs) ^^;

But on the other hand, 12800 Yen?! Having figures over 10000 Yen on their pricetags are rather rare, and for ALTER this is the most expensive figure after Exelica (James and Meronpan have reviews of this beast). Okay, let's be realistic. Is this figure really worth over 10000 Yen, or is it knowing that the fanbase of Fate is much more significant than many other characters, that ALTER is deliberately tagging Fate's price a bit higher than others?

For me, converting 12800 Yen to Hong Kong Dollars yields just over 1000HKD, and breaking over 3 digit means a lot to me. Not at least to say how much space hogging is required for this dynamic figure (35cm in height, package size 42cm x 32cm x 36cm). Spending that much money for a hobby item as well as considering the space I've got is rather serious, and if worst comes to worst, I am prepared to give it a pass. It may sound a little firm and grim, but it is something I have to think about seriously.

... Why do you have to do this to me?! Photobucket

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    All images from Hobby Search


    1. I doubt ALTER is deliberately targeting Fate fanbase. It's more got to do with the manufacturering cost to make her.
      Given by her sear size, and the details put into her, I guess the designers has worked overtime to get her right and that's where the $$$ comes in. xD

      ... Well, it just my theory but I seriously hope Alter Nanoha is under the 10000yen mark. :)

    2. @ Optic:
      I knew Fate will be expensive, but the price is surely higher than most would have expected.

      That's what makes me wonder how much has been put into this figure; it really turns my head round n' round @_@

      I know you are going for Nanoha, and she looks impressive indeed~ Let's hope she's not as expensive as Fate...

    3. Given how dynamic and detailed she looks... I think the price was expected. Although it's still somewhat a tad over the top. But it's not everyday you get a figure of an awesome Mahou Shoujo with interchangeable weapons :P

    4. @ konadora:
      Knowing that the Nanoha figures from ALTER are of great quality, I've been anticipating a Fate to be my third figure after 2 different Shana ones, now only to be overwhelmed by all sorts of factors XD

    5. They just had to make this an August release date after I already said I'd be getting Black Rock Shooter no matter what. It's my birthday in August and I really love Fate, but I don't know if I can afford to get this one..

    6. @ Persocom:
      Wow, Black Rock Shooter already costs nearly 10k Yen without shipping, and having Fate as well will mean a lot on one's wallet within a month o_O

      If Fate costs just below 10k, then I will have considered it quite easily, but now it looks like we're facing quite a bit of dilemma here. 囧

    7. when faced with difficult choices in life such as this. do what 2-face will do. flip a coin and let fate decide.

    8. @ gordonator:
      "flip a coin and let fate decide"
      LOL pun intended? :P

      I did flip a coin for fun, and I got a head, which means I am in trouble for the summer... @o@

    9. my thought is the same as Optic. A lot of effort have been into designing and sculpting her considering her size and detail. Though the price is high but for me she's well worth it though

    10. @ valho:
      Now thinking in a more structured way (as I'm finally back home in Hong Kong), Fate has indeed undergone quite a bit of planning and designing. The hair has definitely been changed from what I've read from your blog before, and the sheer size of the figure and the weapons have to make up for the price as well. So afterall I can see why it's so expensive (as my mind is a bit less tired now), but it does make me feel awkward about the price overall...

      Will start looking around in local shops to find a good price as preordering online will be a tad expensive for me.

    11. nanoha will be more expensive than fate i ques, coz she got.....

      errrrr what was those thing called... funnel????

      and they are pretty big...

    12. @ vixion:
      After looking up on wiki (as I've only watched 5 episodes of StrikerS so far), those flying things are called Blaster Bits. But man they do resemble fin funnels, and that's not the only reason why she is sometimes compared to Amuro Ray aka the White Devil ^^;

      And as for the price, I expect Nanoha to cost over 10k Yen as well. Luckily I won't plan on getting because of... (to be mentioned on next blog post)


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