30 November 2008

figma Tohsaka Rin School Uniform ver.

Max Factory has released figma Tohsaka Rin normal clothes ver. from visual novel and anime Fate/Stay Night sometime in late August this year, but what about this school uniform version?

Find it out after the break~

This figma Rin school uniform ver. is modified by MAX from Toysdaily forum, after he complained that there's not enough Rin figures in school uniform ^^;;

The parts he used is from a trading figure of Rin from the Type-Moon Collection shokugan by Alter, which costs about 840 Yen each and was released in January 2007 (What is shokugan?). Pictures of the shokugan collection can be seen via Hobbylink Japan or Hobby Search.

Non-scale Tohsaka Rin from Alter Type-Moon Collection
Image via Hobby Search

Comparison side-by-side...
It is clearly seen that the modder has
exchanged the limbs and the head of the trading figure with the figma ones, and due to the similarity in scales the mod works very well~ Like the figma Lacus Clyne, this one can almost fool me as an official product!

Before and after:
Another amazing figma modification work there. Would you prefer Rin in casual wear or in school uniform?

More pictures available on Toysdaily forum


  1. O_O
    I must have that Rin! As long as it's Rin, it doesn't matter if it's Casual clothes or school clothing >.<
    Yes, I am a big Rin fan ^^;
    GSC/Max Factory should do more school clothing figurines though!

  2. Thats some astounding work there!
    I like that Rin alot more than the regular one(not that i dislike that rin ^^)

  3. looks good. since we are talking figma here, i'm interested in the figma xmas hat and bag accessories that will be available only in japan next week. >.<

  4. @ suki:
    Haha I think there are quite a few school clothing figures out there by GSC/Max already, but few with more 'conservative' looking uniforms like Rin's IMO.

    @ Blowfish:
    The school uniform version has a lot more details, and it's very natural to look at too~

    @ gordon:
    Yea the Xmas accessories look really cool, but it's annoying how it is exclusive to Japan ._.

  5. I like the school version more and she just looks great in her school uniform ^^

  6. @ Saku:
    Agree~ The school uniform looks very natural and fitting on her, especially as she's a tsundere~

  7. Woah! Rin, being my absolute favourite tsundere from F/SN, I will definitely pick this figure if it is produced.

    I'd seriously fork out the cash even if it were an exclusive. Gread mod!

  8. @ actar:
    It's a great mod indeed. If you can find the shokugan trading figure you can actually do it yourself too! :o

    But yea I'm starting to prefer this new Rin over the original one too~ ^^


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