27 November 2008

MS IGLOO 2 Episode 2 Trailer

UPDATED: YouTube Trailer added!


Trailer for the upcoming 2nd episode of Gundam OVA series MS IGLOO 2 is now up on dot-anime. With the previous episode having anti-MS infantry ditching against the Zakus, this one will feature the battles between the Earth Federation's Type-61 tanks and Zeon's Zaku.

Screenshots after the jump.


The name of the second episode is called 「陸の王者、前へ!」, which roughly means "Rulers of the Land, Forward!" (name translation from Gundam|News). The main character here is Herman Yandell, a commander of a tank unit from 44th Mechanized Composite Regiment, which happens to be the same regiment the previous protagonist Ben Barberry belongs to.

The double-barreled Type-61 tank has made recurring appearances in the original Gundam series and 08th MS Team, though only as a cannon fodder. With this time coming back as the protagonist's main ride, I wonder how it fares this time compared to anti-MS squad in the previous episode?

Type-61 vs Zaku II
Images from MS IGLOO 2 official site

「陸の王者、前へ!」 will be released on DVDs and Blu-Ray DVDs on 23rd January 2009.

The ending theme this time will be "Places in the Heart" by Kakijima Shinji (柿島伸次), and the single will be released on 21st January. There are no YouTube videos of the trailer at the moment, but if one does come out successfully I will insert one here. Trailer can be found at the end of post.

For the previous episode of MS IGLOO 2, Anime History has a very good review on it.



  1. Oh` Looking forward to this release ^o^
    Let's hope it meets our expectations >.<

  2. alo there....thnx for comment me in my blog.....that model is from one of my hobby mate mod wan....that model is hazel gundam and the scale is 1/144.. XD..mine wan currently still on the progress moding it....and i m mod 3 model currently....all of them also is my 1st time mod on my own gunpla.....those model r strike-e,impulse and strike gundam......xD......u have nice blog....mind to exchange link??? would u put ur url on my blog fodder???? nice to meet u

  3. @ suki:
    Me too! I really like the previous episode of it!

    @ otaku gunpla:
    Oh that model in your blog is from a 144 Hazel? That's impressive for its size!

    Sure let's do link exchange; added yours on my blogroll sometime ago :P

  4. wow wow wow.. that is cool.. so this is the trailer and there is movie for this??? how long is the movie???

  5. @ seven6398:
    Like the predecessor, this is an OVA series with 3 episodes, each about 30 minutes long. However, it appears that each episode is independent from each other (i.e. different stories), all from the Earth Federation's point of view in the One Year War.

  6. didn't even know about this , maybe i'll watch ^^

  7. Excellent! I think Igloo is really coming into its own in the Gundam universe! A more gritty, realistic story is a nice change!

  8. @ James:
    MS IGLOO 2 has been a rather low profile anime since Gundam 00 is currently the dominant thing right now, but if you like Universal Century timeline or just to watch some gritty battles against the Zakus, then this one is worth picking up~

    @ Apt-1B:
    An unusually realistic setting and a nice return to the One Year War, I welcome this new breath of change to Gundam universe too. Let's hope this one comes out good as well!


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