30 August 2008

MS IGLOO 2 Episode 1 Trailer


Gunota Headlines has revealed that a new trailer is up for the upcoming OVA series MS IGLOO 2 Juuryoku Sensen (重力戦線, roughly translated as Gravity Battlefront). Same as its predecessor, MS IGLOO 2 takes place in the One Year War of Universal Century (i.e. same timeline as the original Gundam series).

Screenshots and trailer after the jump.

Taking place months before Amuro's Gundam rolls out into the battlefield, MS IGLOO 2 will be on the early conflict between the Principality of Zeon and the EFGF (Earth Federation Ground Force) upon Zeon's first drop operation onto Earth for territorial control. The EFGF was poorly equipped and was caught by surprise, taking heavy casualties and had to spend a lot of time to retreat and to regroup.

Shown from EFGF's perspective, particularly Ben Barberry of an Anti-MS squad, MS IGLOO 2 will for the first time feature battles between ordinary infantrymen against mobile suits (namely the Zaku II). The series will split into 3 episodes of 30 minutes, with the first one to be out on 24th October 2008. This looks like to be one of the most militaristic and realistic Gundam series I will see so far since 08th MS Team (which also takes place in the One Year War). And being really into gunji (military) as well as taking a liking into Gundams, I will definitely take my chance to watch it when it is out.

The ending theme will be "Mr. Lonely Heart" by Haruna Yokota (横田はるな). A very touching song for me even for the short duration, which gives me a feeling that this series is gonna be a tearjerking one ._.

New trailer with subs via YouTube below:


In case for those who have missed the first one:



  1. That picture's pretty awesome. I can't help but feel that IGLOO's first season had a pretty depressing feel to it...but then again, that's the point I suppose.

    I'm a little confused as I thought IGLOO ended at Solomon..so what will season 2 cover? A Bou A Qu and the week leading up to it I suppose..

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  3. L.O.L....whoops, should have read the whole article. Sorry Q...it looks pretty amazing though, I like that it's from the EFGF's perspective. I'd like to see some of the resentment from the ground forces as the EFSF MS begin to roll out.

  4. @ apt-1b:
    Haha no worries. I'm not too sure on the timespan of this story, and I have a feeling it will only last to the stalemate, which is just before any initial production of Federation MS (I think).

    Having a EFGF's perspective is interesting indeed, but it is drastically different to the other Gundam series. I wonder how many people are anticipating for this.

  5. I agree, I think the only other time its been brought into perspective was in 08th MS team, and that was only a small segment with Shiro Amada.

    I know I'd be sweating if a Zaku II had me in its aiming recticle!

  6. 08th MS Team was a very good series with some aspect of real military into it. It definitely stood out compared to others but in a positive way.

    Agree on the Zaku~ They were already no random pushover for Shiro Armada in 08th MS Team, and now they will even be considered as Death in IGLOO 2!

  7. Well written article.


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