26 August 2008

figma Fate T. Harlaown

I've finally managed to get figma Fate T. Harlaown from Yahoo Auction last week! This Fate is depicted from anime Nanoha StrikerS, which is the 3rd series of the Mahou Shoujo (Magical Girl) Lyrical Nanoha. Usually known as Fate Testarossa or Fate-chan/Feito-chan, she is definitely one of the most popular characters in the series.

Back then, when I first saw the figure on the Internet, I hesitated as I don't really know much about the character or the Nanoha series. Eventually it draws my attention so much that I just want to get it at the end. What I didn't know was that I would have to use one week to find it at a good price as it was quickly sold out in Hong Kong.

figma Fate is released late in July, and it has become a popular figure for many Nanoha fans (and even for non-fans such as myself). The box itself is slightly longer than the other figma boxes (shown with figma Haruhi box for comparison) due to the number of accessories the figure that come with it. This is my second time on doing a 'review' of some sort after Candy Bikini Shana. Hopefully I'm doing it right despite a bit of compromising setup.

Fate comes with a standard set of 8 hands as well as an alternate face and hair. Other accessories include the white Barrier Jacket and the Bardiche, which is available in normal Assault form, Haken form (the scythe), and the huge Zamber form. And yep that's a lot of bags and packaging for the figure and the accessories.

A fair and elegant Fate in battle uniform without the white Barrier Jacket. Maybe it's just me, but for some reasons I don't find her easy to stand by herself with the heels and the uniform. That's where the stand comes in I suppose.

Fate with Bardiche in Haken form and Barrier Jacket. The jacket restricts the shoulder articulation slightly, but it shouldn't be a problem for normal poses.

Bardiche Assault in its normal form. I know I may be a bit picky, but I did wish that the Riot Zamber dual blades are available as accessories. On the other hand, having 3 different forms for the Bardiche is a big plus for this figure.

In order for the Barrier Jacket to stay on firmly, there is a clear supporter to hold the jacket and it is reinforced by two different pegs, which depends on whether you want to pose the figure with the stand or not.

Bardiche Assault in Zamber form. I was told that it was seldom used in StrikerS. Nevertheless it is a huge weapon to wield. Still can't get over with its enormous size.

This has to be one of my favourite poses I have done so far. What makes me worried though is that the Zamber form is so long that it looks as if it may lean downwards.

Small shots of the Bardiche and Fate up close.

An elegant yet tough-looking girl with some big mean weapons, no wonder I fell for her. Being the second figma in my possession (with Haruhi being my first), figma Fate is worth the time and money I've spent to look for. It's not easy to find it online now as it's already sold out on sites such as Hobby Search and Hobby Link Japan.

More coverage/photoshoots of figma Fate via Orange Horizon, Cagalli-Bi, zone otaku, and forum member 夏娜 (Shana) Toysdaily . Also some fun ones via: Clear Tranquil, meronpan. Be sure to check them out!

Youtube vlogger Actar from Singapore has made a video review on figma Fate. To be honest I am slightly overwhelmed by his enthusiatic voice ^^;;


All photos are available via my photo album


  1. I dont know too much about Nanoha but the figure itself look quite nice.
    I didnt know Magical Girls wield such big weapons like the Zamber one.
    I love BIG weapons^^

    Im still waiting for my Kanu Figma.I wonder how they feel compared to Revoltechs.

  2. @ Blowfish:
    Yea same thoughts with you. Need to actually watch the Nanoha series to know more about it. The Bardiche Zamber really impressed me, especially with a girl wielding it! Overall I really like this figma with no real complaints~

    Hope your figma Kanu arrives soon!

  3. I like her Scythe. It reminds me of a fan-favorite Gundam if I could be so bold (ahem).

    Not sure about the series either, but all the same, pretty awesome Q!

  4. @ Apt-1B:
    Haha of course I know which one you're referring to *rolls eyes*. It does have a heavy resemblance to the Bardiche Haken form.

    That Gundam you're referring to happened to be my first gunpla back then. Unfortunately it has been lost during a move several years ago. I can get another again, but I wish Bandai would redo the gunplas in the future.

    It's been a while since I've taken a liking to something so much, and it's not easy to resist o_o;;

  5. Nice shoot. My one is still in transit from HLJ. I like the Zamber form. Swords are kool but I don't mind any form of Fate.
    I like the video review. His voice is enthusiatic. lol

  6. @ optic:
    Having 3 forms for the Bardiche, I really have no complains on it. Combined with the Zamber form, Fate overwhelmed me completely! Haha yea Actar's enthusiatic voice really made me laugh, but he did make a good review imo.

    Hope your Fate arrives soon! I look forward to see your reivews~


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