9 August 2008

MG Strike series


Those of us who build gunpla models would know that Bandai is well known for reusing its model parts to roll out new model kits. I have mentioned the 1/35 Lancelot series from Code Geass a short while ago, but that is only a small example of its common strategy. Today I present you the 1/100 Master Grade (MG) Strike Gundam series from the Gundam SEED universe.

Aile Strike Gundam, released in October 2003
Comes with a launch catapult which is pretty cool as a stand.

Strike Rouge, released in September 2004
Pretty much the same as the previous release (including the launch catapult) but with pink/red colour scheme.

Strike Gundam IWSP, released in October 2006
Same Gundam but with a different Striker pack and a darker blue colour. Comes with a normal action stand, which is the one for the newer releases as well.

Strike Noir, released in March 2007
A more orignal design and also my favourite out of all Strike Gundams, but it is also the only one without a stand of any kind.

Strike E IWSP, released in February 2008
Combine Strike Noir with Strike IWSP with some recolouring and you'll get this.

Launcher & Sword Strike Gundam, released in April 2008
Same Strike Gundam again, but finally with the other Striker packs that some fans have been waiting for a long time. It is also the most expensive one out of all MG Strikes.

I personally like Strike Gundam's design, despite it being a remake of the original RX-78-2 Gundam, but I would get tired of seeing the same model with different equipments over the years; I mean, that's 6 Master Grades for the Strike Gundam over four and a half years, or 7 if you count the event-limited "Deactive Mode" of Aile Strike Gundam as well (thanks you SEVEN6398 for mentioning this on dannychoo.com)!

This is one of the most re-released MG Gundam I have seen after the RX-78 Gundams (which has a lot more variations). Bandai is trying pretty hard at milking the money out of its customers by releasing variations and variations of it, mainly because of its Striker packs which are exchangeable with other MG Strike models. On a side note as mentioned by フェイダムさん, the Striker packs are also compatible with the later MG Impulse Gundam via an adapter piece (but no place for the shoulder equipments of Launcher and Sword pack), making the previous MG Strike seemingly more buyable. Unfortunately, the Force silhouette of Impulse is not backward compatible with the Strike(s).

I have a feeling that the remaining variations such as the Lightning and Gunbarrel Strike Gundam can be potential candidates for MG release too, but that could be too far-fetched for the modelling empire. Whatever you do Bandai, just don't get us started on the Raigo Speculum Gundam; that thing is deem to be a failure upon first sight...

All boxart images are from Hobby Search


  1. you forgot the most famous of all the strike gundams, strike freedom gundam

  2. I don't think you get it Dan....
    The Strike Freedom is basically not a Strike, but a reincarnation of it's predecessor ZGMF-X10A Freedom.
    The Strike is a OMNI Enforcer suit from the GAT-X series.
    Strike Freedom is a ZAFT suit....ZGMF-X20A....get it?
    The only resemblance is the name 'Strike'.

  3. Never really liked Seed's story, but the mech designs are ok. Plus you forgot to mention that the striker packs can be used together with the MG 1/100 Force Impulse Gundam.

  4. you even can put Akatsuki's backpack too. like the shiranui and oowashi pack.. for both srtike and impulse.. it is a disappointment that akatsuki didn't release in MG.. since it also the enhancement of strike rouge or strike..

  5. @ Otaku Dan:

    Heheh I suppose you can count SF in for having the word "Strike" ^^;;

    @ Mwu La Fllaga:

    I think he's just joking around about the Strike Freedom.

    @ フェイダムさん:

    Yea SEED's stories could have been better. I thought about Impulse's compatibility but didn't want to digress too much. I can still add that little part in I suppose.

    @ seven6398:

    After looking at Dalong.net I have confirmed that the NG 1/100 Akatsuki backpacks are indeed compatible with the MG Strike and Impulse. You surely are a 1/100 specialist~ (I only focus on 1/144 orz...)

  6. A very nice and comprehensive summary of Bandai's MG Strike scheme indeed ^^

    Like you, my favorite is Strike Noir. After building that MG, I was really impressed with the details and Bandai's effort in refining many parts, including the interior to distinguish it from the original Strike. Honestly, I thought Bandai was showing some differentiation in terms of their usual recolor-rerelease Gunpla marketing plan. When Strike E came out, I just gave up. Looks like they didn't change at all. XD

    Sword/Launcher Strike is really too expensive. I wonder what the Japanese fans would say about that even if the price there is lower. So far, I haven't seen many modelers reviewing about that kit.

    On a separate note, the runner separation for MG Force Impulse hints that Sword and Blast will be released as well. Let's see if that's going to happen soon ^^

  7. Thanks NK! A lot of them are actually learned from your blogging actually~

    After knowing much of the re-releases of various gunpla, it now won't come as a surprise to us that Bandai won't make something innovative just for one single product line. ^^;

    When the Strike E IWSP was announced I too was slighly disappointed and thought "that's like an official kitbash model from Bandai". But I suppose we are 'assured' that Bandai will continue with this kind of scheme with perhaps a bit of variation from time to time. You have a good analysis on the speculations of MG Sword and Blast Impulse too; their appearance should only be a matter of time...

  8. I agree Q, and what would be a more suitable plan for us the consumer would be release the Strike, then relase the different striker packs, which would be cheaper.

    The Strike is my next MG on cue, and I do like the launch base it comes with. I did buy an action base as well, but I think that will go toward my S Gundam.

  9. @ Apt-1B:
    Blimey your comment slipped through unnoticed! Really sorry for the late reply orz...

    Unfotunately Bandai won't be so kind to us customers and would make more money out of us with the old parts so they won't become a waste. Although I haven't planned to get a MG Strike yet, I do like the launch catapult base it comes with!

  10. YupYupYup.....i heartily agree wif you.... Bandai=Lazy+greedy+uninnovative

  11. @ AstrayP03:
    Sorry for the late reply, but yea... Bandai is getting too much uninnovative money out from us. However, the recently-released MG Infinite Justice seems to be a completely different story though :o

  12. That is bandai's specialty ,milking popular gundams design,although people still buy all of them^_^;.

  13. @ GunStray(Mikee):
    They can confidently reuse the parts and designs because they know that people will still buy them ^^;;

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