12 August 2008


PhotobucketSorry for the late posts; I have been a little busy these days. Have about 4 hours or so to catch up with life and reading up blogs before I start using up my sleeping time can be hectic. Wish I have more free time by myself during the weekdays.

On top of that I still have at least 4 gunpla boxes piled up waiting for me. And what's more I am getting a few more stuff in the near future! What a build-up even for my leisure ^^;;

Despite my random rants, I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the visiting and commenting on my blog. Without you bloggers and readers out there I won't have these crazy boxes piled beside me already, nor will I plan to have more gunplas and figures to overtake me!

Let's have a look at that pile of gunplas I still have to build beside me:

1/100 Gundam Astraea - After deciding among this, the Type-F (red version of Astraea), and the Avalanche Exia for several weeks, I've finally decided to buy this white Goddess of Justice. Will start building it over this coming weekend.

1/100 Tieren Ground Type - Bought it as soon as it hits the Hong Kong shelves, and all I've touched so far are the packaging and the manual itself orz

1/144 HG Leon's Arms Astray PMC Custom - Bought it just for the sake of it, and mainly because of the fact that I've found it for just 500 Yen in Akihabara, which is a third of its regular price...

1/144 HGUC Ground Type Gundam - I would have built it already if I were not stuck on deciding a good jungle colour scheme for it to fit my Guncannon and my GM Sniper. T_T

That's 4 models waiting for me there; 2 1/100 and 2 1/144. How long would you think they would take for you to build at your own time? For a slow person like me a 1/100 will have to take 2-3 nights, and 1-2 nights for a 1/144. I hope you guys do have more time than I having to wait until the weekends.

As for what I will be and may be getting:

1/144 HG Ginn High-Maneuver from the SEED-MSV. A grunt machine I like which is no longer available around my area so I've asked a friend of mine a favour to find one for me. Will buy it from him tomorrow~
Chance of getting this: Confirmed

1/144 HGUC GM Striker from Harmony of Gundam and arcade game 戦場の絆 (Bonds of the Battlefield). A nice green and toughened GM to team up with my green gunplas. May modify it *slightly* by replacing some parts from a RX-79 model though.
Chance of getting this: High

figma Fate T. Harlaown from Nanoha StrikerS. I haven't watched any of the Nanoha series, but this figma has managed to catch my attention. An attractive figure to with big weapons, I won't be surprised that a lot of people will be getting this while not knowing the character herself (like me, but I'm still deciding). What did catch me by surprise though is that Fate is already no longer available via Hobby Search or Hoppy Link Japan while it is only released for 2 weeks. o_o
Chance of getting this: Medium

And last but not least,
Max Factory Shana from Shakugan no Shana which is long sold out many months ago. I am lucky that a friend of my sister has helped me to win one via Yahoo Auction Japan. Really looking forward to see it in person~
Chance of getting this: Confirmed

Phew, that's a lot for not from pre-ordering. Gotta thank Hong Kong for having most of them available via hobby shops, and my friends who have spent their time to help me on the unreachables! Sure things are building up for me to build (for Gundams) and to review on (for figures), but it's not necessarily a bad thing right?

All boxart and figure images are from Hobby Search


  1. Hey Buddy! I really enjoy your blog and check in everyday. And believe me, I know about build up. On que for my gunpla is:
    MG Aile Strike
    MG S Gundam
    MG Z Plus


    Keep up the great work!

  2. I see you're considering the GM Striker, well done. Even if you don't like the unit itself, you have to admit that the twin beam spear is just badass...

  3. Sure, let's blogroll eachother. ^^

  4. Hey nice blog you have here. Yah I agreed with the built up of kits. Having the same problem myself, I guess I would have to build more soon. Mine if I exchange links with you?

  5. Theres nothing better than supporting a buddy with his hobby!
    While im not too interested in your gunplas(im born with 2 left hands) im really looking forward to your figures.

  6. wow that's a stacking pile of G's haha,like the Astraea and Tieren^^ and hey don't worry, time Is very short, we all face it, but someday you will have all the time you need^^ hopefully soon so I can see the finished models;D And nice To-get list,love the Ginn and Shana,I've been seeing that Fate in almost every Blog I've visited,very strange XD
    and hey thanks for visiting my blog,will add you to me links if you don't mind^^

  7. sorry for the late reply from my blog.. got too much assignment to do.. wow.. spending four hour for reading ppl's blog.. the most i spend no less than 3 hour.. lazy to read but just enjoy the picture.. hehe.. i'm still have a MG aile Strike to go.. now just doing my MG Zeta ver.2

  8. @ Apt-1B:
    I thank you for your continuous support! Wow 3 MGs after your Crossbone? The only MG I've built so far was Strike Noir for a friend of mine, which took me at least 3 whole afternnons to complete!

    @ フェイダムさん:
    Yea the twin beam spear may not look so much as a Universal Century weapon but it does seem pretty mean!

    @ ClearTrainquil:
    Sure thing!

    @ Lobotman:
    Thanks for dropping by! Would like to know what you've got on your list. No problem on the blogroll; I'll add you in~

    @ Blowfish:
    Thanks! If I have some luck I'll hopefully be able to find Fate in a good price, but it may take some time. Hope the gunplas don't make you fall asleep in the meantime? ^^;;

    @ blueplains:
    Thank you for your comment! Haha yea I got influenced by other blogger's love for Fate... This figma got sold out so quickly everywhere that the price is literally skyrocketing, and it's not even funny -_-. Btw thanks for the add; will blogroll you too~

    @ seven6398:
    I am slow at reading, which doesn't help me too well when I'm short of time ^^;; Hopefully I'll improve my speed as I read more blogs and articles.

  9. I don't even know how I didn't see your blog before, seeing as we pretty much blog about the same stuff.

    Anyway, the build time really depends on how much you're into it, and how much extra you're willing to go to make your kits look good (painting, weathering, etc). I find that preparing the parts take the longest time (and I'm usually pretty lazy with it and more often than not ignore manufacturing flaws such as flashes). I would say it'd take around 3 hours for the 1/144 ones, and around 5 for the 1/100 ones. If I were to paint then, I would probably add 2-3 more hours, simply because HG kits require a lot of puttying to make them look good (else the seam lines are too visible). Honestly though, I get distracted pretty easily (am currently building the MG Gouf Custom and surfing blogs at the same time XD)

  10. @ GNdynames:
    You seem more advanced on gunpla-building than I do! Since I'm quite casual on gunplas, I usually just build them straight away with some detailing via Gundam Markers. Really am lacking the time and space like most people do in metropolises these days...

    Thanks for the add btw. Will blogroll you as well~


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