29 September 2013

Kantai Collection anime adaptation announced

The team behind the increasingly popular web browser game for anthropomorphised Japanese WWII warships "Kantai Collection" (aka Kan Colle) has announced an anime adaptation is on green light, and that a PS Vita port is also being developed at the moment (release date not known).

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As mentioned last month, Kantai Collection is a simulation and management game where you look after a fleet of Japanese WWII warships in the form of anthropomorphised girls, and take them to battle against alien-like warships, of which some of them are also partially or fully humanoid as well. The game does not feature plot, and there is not much of a setting too. Nevertheless the game generates a lot of fanart and doujins based on the ships' characters.

There has been speculations that the game will eventually be so popular in Japan that an anime adaptation may happen soon or later, and it does happen, though it may not be aired until the next summer in 2014.

This leaves a big question: What is the anime going to be about?

As all of the characters are based on WWII warships (and more will be coming with future updates), an reenactment of the Pacific War is possible, but it can be tragic as in real history a majority of the ships sunk, which does mean permanent death for that character in the game's equivalent (though you can still get more from crafting or as drops, but it can still be a shock for players). Another possible route will be a plotless, slice-of-life approach, which will be more of a comedy instead.

Summer 2014 can feel like a long way away. At the moment the game's popularity is glowing hot, and I hope it will remain high by the time anime comes out. Is it going to be good? I have no idea, as I don't even know how they would do it. We'll see how this will develop. :o



  1. Might as well since the found success with Strike Witches and Girls und Panzer. Seems mixing miltary arms and moe girls is a great money maker.

    1. Mixing girls with military seems to be more and more popular these days. It sure won't portray the horror and seriousness of war, but it's a way to attract new crowd I supose.


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