7 June 2013

Big Zam Tofu

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After the success of the Zaku Tofu and Z'gok Tofu, tofu manufacturer Sagamiya and Sunrise is making a third collaboration on the popular Zeon tofus, and this time it's bigger! Meet the avocado flavoured Big Zam tofu that is releasing this month!

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The notorious 2-legged, beam spamming beast ravaged in the asteroid base of Solomon in Mobile Suits Gundam anime. Now, in mass production, it would bring even greater terror and undoing of Zeon's enemies!


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Gigazine has a set available for review just before the tofu's official release date.

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Everything in the package: One Big Zam main body tofu, one Big Zam leg unit tofu, a rice cutter (mould for rice with Zeon emblem), and instruction leaflet

 photo P1260350_m_zpscf8caecf.jpg
The instruction leaflet informs you how to set up the Big Zam meal with the tofus and rice, and perhaps some touch up to make the Big Zam look epic~

 photo P1260365_m_zps33713ae9.jpg
Main body of the Big Zam. It stands at 58.5mm tall according to the website.

 photo P1260373_m_zpsc4ee05a8.jpg
Leg unit of the Big Zam. The height is 48.7mm.

 photo P1260382_m_zpsd151e13d.jpg
Size comparison with an iPhone 5. The leg unit is about the same size as the previous Zaku and Z'gok tofus, but the Big Zam's main body is noticeably bigger.

 photo P1260409_m_zps126381f6.jpg
The actual tofu for the leg unit.

 photo P1260360_m_zps92f34704.jpg
Rice moulded by the so-called rice cutter. The emblem can't been seen so well here because it's all white. Perhaps adding some sauce to it to make the emblem stand out better?

 photo P1260434_m_zps011db151.jpg
According to the instructions leaflet, one is supposed to place the Big Zam tofu on top of the moulded rice. Add seasoning and sauces etc to beef up your Big Zam!

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As with the Z'gok tofu, there will be a photo contest for the Big Zam tofu diorama. Submissions is available until end of July, with results to announce sometime near the end of August. It will be interesting to see how the battle of Solomon will be replicated by the fans~

Here are some of the examples from the contest website:
 photo diorama02_m_zps3d313491.jpg
 photo diorama03_m_zpsd837f9a3.jpg
 photo diorama04_m_zpsf2ef7e12.jpg

 photo mmi_sagamiya_03_zps3e38a4f1.jpg
A special Solomon War Set will also be available in a gift box with Zeon emblem near end of June. It comes with one Big Zam main body tofu, 2 leg units tofu, as well as a Zeon emblem rice mould and 4 Zaku tofus. An ideal summer gift for any Zeon fans~ ^^

 photo mmi_sagamiya_02_zps7c91c39f.jpg
The Big Zam tofu starts selling in Japan on 7th June. As with the other tofus, this is Japan only, so those of us outside Japan are out of luck on this.

Images are from:
Sagamiya's Big Zam tofu website
http://big-zam.jp/ Big Zam tofu photo contest website


  1. Haha, wow, maybe I will get to try one when I'm in Tokyo next week XD

    1. Oh you're just in time to try the Big Zam tofu! You should try this together with the iced Cup Noodles! I look forward to see your feedback on them!

  2. This gives a whole new meaning to "playing with your food".

    1. With these Zeon MS tofus, "food fight" is now brought to a whole new level!

  3. This is a cool idea and will help kids to 'eat' their food or else start a Zeon Invasion!!!

    1. Or as I've once seen someone commenting on twitter, "We will show our enemies the might of Zeon with our deliciousness!"

  4. This is just too hilarious! I would prefer ice cream, but not as healthy as tofu ^^;

    1. Mint / green tea flavoured Big Zam is a sound idea! At least they may be a bit easier to find than tofu? ^^;


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