31 March 2013

Easter Break

Easter bunny chocolate from Archangeli, photo by Stepswalker.

Time flies, and we are now a quarter past 2013. Wish everyone had a great Easter!

 photo prs6_zps9fd241a2.jpg
While there was a 4-day Easter holiday for me, I could not get to enjoy to the best of the extend due to some medication disaster I have to recover from. There are a lot of things I wanted to do, but ended up not being able to do so.

Photo by Stepswalker

Nevertheless, it's great to meet up with Archangeli on Friday, who came to Hong Kong for a day, together with fellow local doll mates such as TonyBSD, Stepswalker, and XOHimitsuOX. I rarely bring my Black★Rock Shooter out, so it's nice to do so for a change now and then. Thank you for the great night out!


  1. Looking great with all the girls and Easter bunny chocolates.

    We all hope you are feeling better and know if sucks to be sick when you have such a large holiday off.

    1. Being sick is quite annoying; you want to do a lot of things but you are hampered by the lack of energy and motivation to do so. Many thanks for your and your family's good will!


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