5 January 2013

Gundam Front Tokyo Part 1

The 1:1 scale RX-78-2 Gundam once stood in Odaiba back in 2009, and in 2012 it came back once again just outside Diver City Tokyo Plaza as part of the Gundam Front Tokyo project.

I came to visit the Gundam at a good month, as special lighting was put up for the winter. I did not get to see the scheduled projected video, but it's nice to see the Gundam again!

The visit to Gundam Front Tokyo will be split to two parts. The first part covers the 1:1 Gundam outside the plaza, and the second part will feature displays inside the plaza.

A series of shot around the Gundam:
The difference between the Gundam in 2009 and 2012 is quite minor: New parts are installed on the ankle, knee, and elbow joints to imitate the new "magnetic coating" parts of the Gundam as it was mentioned to feature in the latter half of the anime, which was to keep the mecha's response up to its pilot's control and piloting skills.

Gyan and Char's Zaku Snowmen as well as Santa Gundam!

A close up shot of the Gundam. Sorry for the bluriness; the quality of the photo drops as I try to zoom in.

The Gundam Front Tokyo Official Shop is situated just next to the Gundam itself. A lot of exclusive merchandise can be found there. You can have a look here to see what's available.

There is a branch of Gundam Cafe just behind the Gundam. It's a small shop with some food available for order and a small shop for merchandise, but nice to complement the Gundam.

Just like last time I saw the Gundam two years ago, there are all kinds of people viewing or taking pictures of the Gundam: Young and old, guys and girls, people in suits and people in casuals. It's a nice reminder to see how much of an impact Gundam has in a way. Not just for the fans and enthusiasts, but everyone else to an extend.

Had some fried pork cutlet for dinner with Adun from Australia before I headed off to see the interior exhibition. It's a nice coincidence that he happened to in Japan at the same time as me! We had a nice chat together with his friend before we parted our ways; he and his friend headed off for Onsen, while I went to see the Gudnam Tokyo Front exhibition, which will be featured in the next post!


  1. Looks like a great time was had by everyone and is great to share the experience with others.

    1. Seeing the Gundam all lit up in person is quite an experience. It looks like this time the Gundam is staying for a long time, which can allow more people to see it rather than the previous times when it was for a limited period as part of a event promotion.


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