19 December 2012

Volks Hobby Tengoku Photo Shoot

During the trip in Tokyo I managed to make contact with Haku-san from Yokohama and meet up together in Akihabara. After learning from him that my trip would coincide with the local doll event, I decided to bring my Black★Rock Shooter doll with me, and we had a photo shoot together in Volk's "Hobby Tengoku".

So here it is: My Black★Rock Shooter on the left and Haku-san's Sora cosplaying as Nagisa from Phantasy Star Portable 2 on the right.

While I've participated a couple of doll photo shoots outdoor before, this was my first time doing one indoor. The top floor of Volk's "Hobby Tengoku" in Akihabara is all dedicated to dolls, which also offers several photo booths in its shop for people to bring their dolls and take pictures. It's free to use the booths, but one must first ask the staff at the desk to book sessions, which are 30 minutes each. We had no one using the booths that afternoon, so we took our time taking pictures of the dolls.


... And Black★Rock Shooter

I like Haku-san's attention to details on the decorations, such as the ribbon bars and badges

The booth also has a DDS Akira in one corner, though this one is for display only, and we did not take photos of her.

Closer up of the two together

Sora sitting on the chair with Black★Rock Shooter standing behind her

Reading Volks News together~ ^^

It was only when I was taking these photos I realised that both of the girls have their left eyes covered, and can only read with their right eyes ^^;

The tea cups and plates that the booth has are of quite delicate and detailed, like the real things but shrunk in size.

We also changed to another booth for a few more shots, but my point-and-shoot camera seems to struggle with the lighting there, so there aren't so many photos for this one

The armchair got in the way for Sora's sword, so my B★RS took her turn to sit this time.

As my B★RS uses the older unmodified DD2 body frame, she cannot cross her arms like Sora can with her newer body, so I decided to just do a hair brushing pose as a compromise.

Afterwards Haku-san showed me around the 2 doll accessory shops he often visits when he goes to Akihabara. Unlike the usual popular shopping area centred around the Chuo-dori at the west of the AKihabara station, the two shops are situated at the east and south of the station, which I would have never thought of coming across them myself due to their rather obscure locations. Nevertheless they do provide nice wigs, eyes, shoes and accessories.

It has been a great time meeting Haku-san in person, and I thank him for coming out to see me despite being really busy recently. I do hope I will get to see him again in the future!

Album: Volks Hobby Tengoku Doll Photoshoot


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