28 November 2012

Midgar City of FF7 on Minecraft

Minecraft is a rather unusual game. With its randomly generated gaming worlds consist of simply pixelated and textured cubic blocks, there are users who can come up with all sorts of creativities with the available in-game resource (such as a functional graphical calculator), or simply the dedication recreate sceneries from other contents or media.

While there is no remake of Final Fantasy VII, Kotaku recently reported on the recreation of Midgar city from Final Fantasy VII, and it's quite stunning at the least to say, with a lot of the areas as seen early in the game appearing in Minecraft blocks, though in third party texture packs in these screenshots.

Train graveyard

Sector 8

Sector 7 slums

Shinra headquarters' main lobby

Children's playground in sector 6 slums

Interior of Mako Reactor

Bird's eye view of Midgar city

On the other hand, I also spotted Junon port city that also appeared in Final Fantasy VII. In the screenshot above one can see the Sister Ray cannon and the airship Highwind. You can download the recreated Junon here if you have the game!

Perhaps not everybody appreciates or understands the what makes Minecraft so appealing, but the dedication of some of its community can be quite breathtaking! Recreating cities Midgar and Junon with the correct proportion and relevant details, with features easily identifiable is not easy, and surely takes a lot of time.

Or you can say that some of the guys perhaps have a bit too much time to spare... ? ^^;



  1. Someone does have too much time to spare!!! This is truly awesome though! Holy Crap!

    1. That is a lot of time dedicated into remaking the game world, though not much to interact with it apart from seeing and navigating around. Nonetheless it's crazy to see what kind of work you may or may not expect from those who use Minecraft a lot :o


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