29 October 2012

Robot Damashii Doven Wolf, Silver Bullet, Gundam Mk-V Questionnaire

Recently hinted from latest issue Hobby Japan magazine, and later revealed at the recent Tamashii Nation 2012 exhibition, Bandai's Tamashii Web is showing off display samples of Doven Wolf, Silver Bullet, and Gundam Mk-V as potential candidate to go into next lineup for Robot Damashii Ka Signature as a web shop exclusive item. A questionnaire is now up for people to vote which of the three shall make it through.

First is the AMX-014 Doven Wolf aka Dooben Wolf, which appeared in Gundam ZZ and is the only one to make appearance in animated series so far. One of the most powerful units fielded by Neo Zeon, it stood heads above many other mobile suits at the time, and was armed with numerous beam weaponry, missiles, as well as remote weapons.

A closer look on the Doven Wolf.

ARX-014 Silver Bullet, which was reversed engineered from the Doven Wolf by the Earth Federation. They only appeared in the manga Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn - Bande Dessinee where they were used to perform tests along with Unicorn Gundam.

Closer look on the Silver Bullet. Too bad the eyes are obstructed from view here. There are actually two types of faces for Silver Bullet: one is the typical Gundam face, whereas the other has a simpler feature with a visor like the GMs.

And finally ORX-013 Gundam Mk-V, which came from the photonovel Gundam Sentinel. While the story takes place just before Gundam ZZ, the story was written at a later time, with the Gundam Mk-V retconned to be the predecessor of Doven Wolf.

Can't see the Gundam's face, but compared to the original artwork, Katoki's redesign seems to be a bit sleeker (a common feature with his designs), and with a smaller chin than I have expected.

Anyone can participate in the questionnaire and vote. If you are interested, go to the questionnaire page, then input your age and select the MS of your choice of out the 3 listed above. You can also name out what other MS you wish Bandai to materalise into the Robot Damashii Ka Signature line if you want. Once you are happy with your choice, click on the green button to go to confirmation page, and click on the green button again to submit your vote.

The questionnaire will close on 8th November 2012 at 4pm GMT+9.

The 3 MS are fairly interesting choices here, as all of them did not get materialised into model or action figure in recent times, and they are all related to each other lore-wise. I personally will prefer them appear as Gunpla models, as having (one of) them as web shop exclusive items means it will be expensive and relatively more difficult to acquire, just like the Robot Damashii Byarlant Custom, and thank goodness a Gunpla version of it will come out next month. I personally voted for Gundam Mk-V for its stalwart looking design, and one that is most intimidating to me (appearance and lore-wise).

So, which one will you prefer out of the 3?

Images are from MasterFileBlog


  1. I voted for the Dooben Wolf as it reminded me of Macross SG-1 design. Though I have to say my second would have been ORX-013 Gundam Mk-V.

    Thanks for the translation for us that can't read Japanese :^D

    1. That's an interesting comparison. I personally haven't watched Macross so I did not image such similarity in the first place.

      Glad to know that the translation helps!

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