10 September 2012

Messing around with Instagram

Instagram is a photo-sharing program that is used mostly on the Apple and Android smartphones, and pictures can then be shared on social networks such as facebook, twitter, or tumblr. What makes it special is its retro-looking filters and the square format for photos.

I was asked by friends to try it out five months ago when Instagram has just become available for Android phones. While I am not big into photography, and my perception is rather inept, I did try to take some photos and see what these "vintage" filter effects can fit in to my liking.

I drink now and then, though not an awful lot. Ale is usually my kind of thing, but it appears that Guinness only common kind available in Hong Kong.

Takara Tomy World Tank Musuem series 1/144 scale M60 Patton tank (it's only 6cm long!). I orignally wanted to make a Vietnam War atmosphere to go with this tank, only to find out that this particular version of Patton did not see action there (only M48 Patton did apparently).

A tram travelling through a market in North Point, Hong Kong.

My Black★Rock Shooter posing with her ★Rock Cannon. It's actually one of the pictures from my older post.

Another picture of B★RS with her big gun~

Sunset over the skyline in Hong Kong

Dragon Can.Do 1/144 scale Panther Ausf F, whose original picture also from one of my previous posts

F-toys 1/144 scale MiG-21bis. Did a rather rough work on Photoshop to remove the stand underneath the plane... ^^;

Viewing down at the buildings in Happy Valley, Hong Kong.

Doyusha 1/144 scale F/A-18F Super Hornet of VFA-103 "Jolly Rogers", whose squadron is well known for its skull and bones insignia.

While I haven't uploaded many pictures, I do find the photos most comfortable to me are the ones with military miniatures, of which I can try to reimitate the vehicles in real life in diorama syle, and that the filters can help making them fit in the era that they may belong to, especialy those from the Cold War era such as the Patton tank and the MiG-21bis.

Hong Kong pictures can fit in well as some of the buildings and districts are relatively unchanged for the past few decades, which is usually the case for residential areasl, so I may look more into that for future photos. However, I haven't found something suitable to go with anime-related figures, which is why I haven't really posted them apart from the B★RS doll (because of the rather muted colours associated with the character and background), as I can't find an atmosphere that will make them seem fitting.

You can follow my infrequent update of pictures on the Instagram app with username senorquentinos, or on web viewer such as Webstagram!


  1. I love this program as it give me instant access for my phone photos to Twitter and the World.

    1. It's a nice app to share out pictures to multiple social networking sites. I love your flower photos you've uploaded with your phone!


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