5 July 2012

Final Fantasy VII new PC version announced

Final Fantasy VII is getting a reboot... For the PC version ^^;

Square-Enix Europe stated in a tweet that "FINAL FANTASY VII will be returning to PCs, optimised to support modern hardware and with a host of new online features". The first PC version was ported from the PlayStation game, and isn't fully compatible with OS such as XP and onwards unless a fanmade patch is installed.

In short, the "new" PC version of FFVII will be available for Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

Several extra features have been mentioned:

Achievements - 36 achievements to unlock

Cloud Saves – Uploading game saves to a cloud network via Internet connection so that the game can be loaded and resumed on a different computer

Character Booster – An optional cheat device that increases character HP, MP, and money to maxmimum capacity at the click of a button

Final Fantasy VII was the first Final Fantasy game to be released on PlayStation, and it was a big hit, becoming one of the most popular games for the console and for the Final Fantasy series. Sequels and prequels have also been made in the form of games, animated videos, as well as novels.

While system requirements have been set, there is no known release date yet but "coming soon" for Square-Enix store.

This may not be something that a lot of Final Fantasy VII fans are waiting for, as they are waiting for an enhanced remake that may never happen. I don't have the first PlayStation, but I played the game on the PC version. It's is a good game and a good experience to enjoy in my opinion, even though I'm not sure whether it's one of the best games out there. This 2nd PC version is likely to have little to no changes from the original.

Anyone looking forward to it? Or that you're sick of seeing it coming back again? As this "new" PC version doesn't seem to add anything new to the gameplay (at least from what has been known so far), I personally have no plans to get this version. Apart from playing the game from the first PlayStation or on the first PC version, one can also download it from PlayStation Store on the PS3. Now, given that my sister has just finished completing the story of Final Fantasy XIII, I wonder when she will get back onto Final Fantasy VII after her laptop died and lost the saves many years ago... ^^;

Info via Square-Enix store & Final Fantasy VII PC official website


  1. I just don't get what they're thinking, or perhaps the lack of thereof.
    I can understand that some businessmen in gaming industries doesn't really know much about underground gaming, but does nobody in the company said "No", "It's a bad idea", or "There are emulators and fan-pacthes out there"?
    And to actually release it without any enhancement (and hopefully they didn't think those three elements actually added to the experience). I still can't believe it when I watched the trailer at youtube, and the narrator said "experience it like never before".

    I know Square-Enix is in quite a problem and has been kinda out-of-whack lately, but this is just sad to see.

  2. So essentially this is just going to be a port of the old game with a little bit of added content? lame..... I was hoping for a remake with today's standard of graphics. ;_;
    I guess it's easier for them this way, just slap on a few achievements,call it new and charge a tone of money for it. *sigh*

  3. Kinda wished they stopped giving so much attention to FF VII. There are other Final Fantasy that are (in my opinion anyways) better than VII. People are saying that all Square Enix knows what to do are ports, and granted they are good ports, but some people want more than just old Final Fantasy with HD slapped on it. They need to release some new IPs pretty soon, considering the fanbase has been getting upset with what Square Enix has been doing recently (in terms of developing games).

  4. Yeah seriously don't understand what the point of this was; from what I can understand, its just the same game with no real changes. Nobody cares about the added features, they've been around via patches and emulators for years. They're probably just looking forward to the fact that hundreds of thousands of people will buy it anyway.

    BTW Q, every time I go on your site there's a warning message about how theres malware on chibified.com or something. Dunno if you know about it, it could be distracting to visitors though. Just thought you should know~

  5. @ hiroy_raind:
    Looking at the news I do wonder how many people are actually going to buy the game in order to support Square-Enix. Not surprisingly this does feel like a rather "lazy" move rather than something innovative and that has a lot of effort put into it.

    @ Anonymous:
    It's pretty much a re-port of the game. There are a lot of desires from fans for a total remake, but Square-Enix doesn't seem to make any hints of doing so, apart from it being a possibility of a last resort should they really decide to, but I'd say this is not something one should have high hopes for in the near future.

    @ Tom:
    There are people criticising Square-Enix in the way how they are still trying to cling onto Final Fantasy VII as if it's its only glory (although there are other games which are quite some gems, if slightly overlooked I gotta say). Whether this is the case or not, I think a lot agree that it would be better for them to move on, and some even suggest letting the franchise end rather than to ruin the reputation of earlier titles.

    @ C.Jin:
    There's a saying that for anything large and reputable, whatever they do fans will follow. It doesn't apply for everybody, but it's suggesting that there will be some people who will accept it no matter regardless of the way things are heading. This upcoming PC version will be a digital release, so it won't take a huge cost to release it compared to other bigger titles that are sold as discs. I suppose we just decide what means best for us and take a decision most suited to our preferences.

    BTW thanks on letting me know about the warning message! I've temporarily removed the link to the said blog and contacted the blogger about it. Hopefully it won't be a big issue on their side.

  6. It seems to me that SQEX is using FF7 for PC as a testing... for the market, and for calculating the resources needed to port an RPG to PC... It is nothing but a testing.
    They also understand how big a project for FF7 to be remake. It might be even harder than making a brand-new FF... well I still waiting for it to come true...

  7. @ Yui:
    This could all just be a test?? Given that FFVII and FFVIII has been ported to PC before, I don't know how much effort it would take to optimise them to latest PC. The prices seem to have been leaked, so I think it should be fairly solid that this new port will release soon or later.

    Remaking FFVII to for a new comsole with new graphics will surely take much more time than it would take to make the original one for PS1. This would surely be the wish of many fans, but we can only hope for it to possibly happen one day.

  8. Furry Nekomimi12 July 2012 at 15:51

    The First Final Fantasy I've ever played on PC a long time ago. At the time, the graphics were superb AND the storyline was great. Still one of the best to date.

  9. @ Furry Nekomimi:
    FFVII was also the first Final Fantasy game I played on the PC, though I started it many years after its release. The great jump from the previous games as well as the long storyline does make it one of the most outstanding game of the series :o

  10. It's clear that Square Enix is on a slump. They want to take profit from as little as effort as possible by selling old school games that they think would sell up until today.


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