14 July 2012

Dragon Can.Do 1/144 Panther Ausf F

The Dragon Can.Do Panther Ausf. F is a special item in the 2nd series of the 1/144 shokugan collectible miniature. I am very happy to finally have it 9 years after starting this hobby, much with the help of a friend who also got me the ★Rock Cannon earlier!

The German Panther F was supposedly an upgrade to Panther G, which was the latest version of the Panther tank at the time, and was already quite a threat to both Western Allies and the Soviets. The new type focused mainly on a new turret (called Schmalturm, or narrow turret), featuring a narrower design yet offering thicker armour while saving weight at the same time.

However, the end of the war meant the Panther F did not make it to mass production. A few turrets were reported to be assembled, but information of it being used in action are not confirmed. This particular model is a representation of a "what if" situation should Panther F make into action, defending its homeland to the very end.

Despite that this miniature is now 9 years old, the details and colouring on the tank is a match to a lot of toys or miniatures that are available today. Be it the tiny ring on top of the gun mantlet (i.e. the nose of the gun), or the markings, or even the welding patterns at the edge between the front armour and side armour of the turret, the details are clearly visible, even though it is on such a small model.

Panther G and Panther F in comparison. The F type has a smaller turret and a different gun (notice the lack of muzzle brake at the end of the gun). This Panther G in the picture is also the very first 1/144 scale tank that I got 9 years ago!

And a quick shot of it depicting the Panther F in action. Hope it looks convincing enough!

The Panthers were the first tanks I bought when I started collecting 1/144 scale tanks, but ironically the special item in that set was the one I couldn't get all that time, thanks much to its rarity. Now with the very first set I collected now completed 9 years later, it feels as if things come back to me as a full circle all of a sudden.

It reminds me of how I curiously bought the first tank out of curiosity, learnt about the tank itself and its history, continue buying more tanks and repeat. Not only did it get me back into taking the interest of World War II and military in general, but it also makes me get into the 1/144 scale models, as well as the way I like grunt machines more than the larger than life guys in Gundam franchise XD


  1. I like the diorama and it is always interesting to learn about things you like.

    I wonder how the muzzle raised and lowered on the G version?

  2. I wonder how the Panther F would've performed in actual combat. The shorter barrel would probably have helped it turn around easier.

  3. @ bluedrakon:
    Thanks! One can really learn a lot from what one is interested in!

    The muzzle is the end tip of the gun barrel (where a shot exits the gun). Do you mean the gun mantlet where the gun is connected to the turret? As for Ausf G (as well as the earlier versions) the mantlet plate moves up and down along with the gun itself.

    @ Nopy:
    There were proposals that the Panther F would be upgunned to 88mm caliber, akin to that used on the famous Tiger tanks. Its thicken turret frontal armour and hull roof armour will make it an improvement over Ausf G, hence possibly better performance in combat.


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