10 June 2012

GSC 1/8 Ultimate Madoka preview

Good Smile Company (GSC) has recently shown off their 1/8 Ultimate Madoka figure in full colour, which is now available for pre-order.

Be it the long, pink flowing hair, or the transparent wings with pink tint, or that the white long dress with star dust inner lining, this figure is quite spectacular by the looks.

The figure is reportedly around 33cm tall (25cm head height), and there will be an option of equipping Madoka with the magical arrow or not. I personally like how the heavy back side of the dress also serves as the stand for the figure itself, which gets rid of any unsightly looking poles or other similar objects to "hold" the figure in place.

Ultimate Madoka, as the name suggests, is the ultimate form of Madoka in the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and this form appears in the very last episode. Since how this form appears involves a lot of plot (i.e. spoilers), I would not spoil the beans for those who haven't watched it; it's only 12 episodes long so one can give it a quick blast at it.

The figure is available for pre-order at GSC web shop for 14800 Yen (up to 5 per order and 2000 Yen shipping for areas), as well as other online stores such as Hobby Search, HLJ, and AmiAmi. The web shop offers a B3 size poster as a bonus, while other online shops offer a lower price.

Even though I am not a big fan of the character designs in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, the Ultimate Madoka that appears at the end of the series does stand out among the rest of the characters. She appears very briefly in the TV anime series, but perhaps this form will make a comeback in the future movies?

I'm not getting it even though it looks like a promising figure; I am not big into the series despite it's worth a watch and that it's not the usual "magical girl" series that one would normally anticipate. I need to think very carefully about remaining spaces, which is always a problem for collectors and toy fans ^^; Well, if there is an action figure for it then I *may* consider, but we'll see.

So, who's going to go for this?


  1. though I think this is well designed and is a fair price for such a large figure, I will pass. It is not a series that I am collecting :(

  2. @Bluedrakon: Large? She's 1/8 scale! They may sat 33cm tall but much of that is dead space under the skirt. Besides, That kind of pricing puts her right up to garage kit price level! But then that's to be expected since the skirt alone will be a very expensive material since it's weight bearing and cannot warp or lean.

    But I'm not interested. Not at that price and not with that "dead inside" expression.

    I'm very much in the minority though. (HomuHomu and Mami forever!!)

  3. I had my credit card out the minute she went up for preorder. It is rather pricey though, which is why I went with the cheaper web stores over GSC's store. I really don't think a B3 poster is worth an extra $30.

  4. Almost reminds me of chibi sailor moon for some reason.

  5. @ bluedrakon:
    If it's not something one's really into it's usually better not to go further into it.

    @ gundamjehutykai:
    The dress does take up a lot of the space, and the same applies to the wings and hair as well, with those removed, the actual figure is not that big.

    In the minority, heh? I'd call you that if you say Sayaka for the win!

    @ Nopy:
    Other online web stores do offer a lower price than that on GSC web shop. Even Animate (not the exact one as that in Japan) in Hong Kong manages to offer a relatively attractive price too. The "extra" cost for the B3 poster does seem a little much.

    @ Tom:
    I can see how she looks like Chibiusa with the pink hair and some sort of twin tails, as well as the wide face of hers!

  6. @Q: It's just that ultimate Madoka is one of those figure like Miku Append or (more recently) saber with Bike which everyone will buy like zombies regardless of their stance on the show, character or otherwise.

    Also, Nobody likes Sayaka! Sad but true. Heck, there are probably more Kyouko fans out there!

  7. for me i think that action figure of madoka is lovely and i am dreaming of collecting action figures of various anime someday if i would have extra money.

    1. This isn't an action figure, but a scale figure that is static and has no joints. But a figma action figure has been announced which is approximately 1/12 scale (no release date or price is known yet as of now). Gotta say that this isn't a cheap hobby though!


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