30 April 2012

Into the Depths of Hell

Artwork from battle.net

Diablo III is coming out on 15th May. Just like StarCraft II, its previous game was released nearly 12 years ago.

While I watched others play the previous games in the past, I hardly ever got my hands on this series. With a lot of urges from friends and relatives, I'm going to give this latest instalment a go ^^;

For those who want to add me, you can find me with the BattleTag Qbicle#3750. See you on the field!


  1. Did you play the beta? I still don't quite get the lure of diablo, even after all these years. And my trackkpad must hate me after all the incessant clicking I was doing on the beta...

  2. @ gundamjehutykai:
    I played the beta with my friends. Diablo belongs to the good ol' dungeon crawler and hack & slash categories. They can be regarded as repetitive and get boring, but I think that it's best when you are playing together with friends.

    I only played up to the end of Act 1 for Diablo II, but having played the beta of III, which covers up to the end of Act 1, I feel that the game has been simplified to quite some extent. Hopefully it won't water down the fun because of that.


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