19 November 2011

Racing Miku 2011 Goodies

Goodies of Racing Miku 2011 have arrived last week (a month earlier than I have expected). These are part of the sponsor course set up for Super GT race by the GSR (GoodSmile Racing) & Studie with TeamUKYO team with a BMW Z4 GT3, of which the mascot character is Hatsune Miku herself. The figma Racing Miku 2011, which I have mentioned a few months ago, should arrive in late December.

Well, with the goodies come a month ahead of the figma itself, let's have a look at those!

These items are part of the Racing Miku Sponsor courses that were once available for pre-order in NicoNico Chokuhan. There are 4 different courses one can choose, with the more expensives ones having more items over the less expensive ones. All will contain the figma Racing Miku 2011: First Win ver. The one I have pre-ordered was the 7000 Yen course, which is the one with the lowest cost among the four. But still, this is no cheap figma to get along with the fact that oversea buyers would have to go through some kind of proxy service to get their hands on it.

First off, ticket holder and strap. Both have the "Made in China" sticker stuck on the packaging.

Other side of ticket holder and strap unfolded. The holder is wide enough to put a postcard in.

Wrist band and Racing Miku rubber strap

And finally a sticker. The sponsorship ID card is not with this lot; it may come with the figma itself in December.

Image from Good Smile Company's product page

With the goodies having arrived, there's still a month to wait before the figma (which is the main thing) is available. It's a bit odd how the two lots don't come together in one go, but at least they come early so I'm not complaining. Let's hope the figma is worth the wait!

On a side note, the nendoroid version is now out. You can have a look at it in blogs such as cafe Yui.


  1. I actually quite like this racing miku design but wasn't too hot on the figma. If it was a figure, I might have actually buckled and bought one...

    The face looks very append though... Meh, it kinda works!

  2. I didn't even know GSR had something like this. As nice as it looks, it's way too expensive for me though.

  3. @ gundamjehutykai:
    With the price that I am paying for, it can already be a price of a figure!

    The face looks more mature to the other Mikus I know of so far. A bit different, but still fine for me!

    @ Nopy:
    GSR has a Racing Miku nendoroid every year. They also had a figure for last year and this year a figma. I must admit that this is pretty expensive especially since it has to be bundled with other stuff and it's a web shop exclusive thing (something that is becoming more apparent these days), which is not exactly kind to my wallet... ^^;


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