23 October 2011

Something New


Having a bit of a writer's block recently, so I decided to show something a bit... Different. Anyway here is a teaser picture with the good ol' mosaic effect. If you have been to my other stuff you would have known what it is already.

I guess it's only a matter of time before I will talk about it here. ^^;


  1. *is completely baffled by what it could be* XD Really, I'm not good at guessing these sort of things. Ace Combat related? Something else military? *waits to see*

  2. I seem to remember I did a mosaic something way back when and I'm thinking it's the same type, except much bigger XD

  3. What's that?

    "Something New" :O

  4. @ Persocom:
    Haha I am not good at guessing either in general, but I did post a few photos up elsewhere. It's not Ace Combat or military unfortunately, but I really do appreciate your guesses there as I indeed rarely talk about them!

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    Oh you did something similar too back then? Well you're definitely on the right track... Hang on you already know what it is! XD

    @ Shizuo:
    Pretty vague I gotta admit, but I don't want to spoil the beans too much... Here at least. Will hopefully post it up by the end of the month :o

  5. @Q: I'll link it to you once you reveal yours ;)

  6. @ Lightning Sabre:
    Sure thing!


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