10 September 2011

Recent purchase: Ace Combat

Just acquired the first three Ace Combat games from Yahoo! Auction Hong Kong today. They're second hand, but are still in pretty good shape. It's good to go retro now and then.

I've been playing the Ace Combat series this summer - pretty much since the PlayStation Network outage occured. These are no simulation game, but it's a great feeling to soar the sky and shoot the enemies out of it. Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War was the first game I've started, and fell really involved in it and bought the other games (04 and 5) shortly afterwards.

A test play on Ace Combat 2 just to be sure that the games are authentic and are still in good shape on my PS2:
Lock on!


Mission Accomplished! Hurrah to the retro PS1 graphics!

Sometimes I do feel nostalgic and longed for the old stuff like this. No wonder looks of people frown on the current games and anime these days and say how the stuff were better in the past.


  1. I haven't played the older Ace Combats (1-3), but my favourite out of the others is Ace Combat 5.

  2. Holy fucking shit I'm getting hit by massive nostalgia.

    The only way the Ace Combat series could have be better is if they had Highway to the Danger Zone as the franchise theme song.

  3. Now those are a blast from the past!! Air combat was one of the first games I had with my PS1, along with battle arena Toshinden!!! I lost it when I lent it to some ass at school and he sold it without my permission. Sufficed to say, I never lent him anything again after that!

    I still have my ace combat 2 with it's ridiculous jut which left everthing else in the shade, stats-wise.

    Didn't get into AC3 but I did get AC5 on the PS2 and then AC6 on the 360. All good fun

  4. I've always liked the ACE Combat games, what a great find for you!

  5. I'm more interested in Ace Combat 3. Hopefully they'll do a HD remake someday because I'm not buying the gimped American/European versions. With that said, Ace Combat Assault Horizon in one month, aw yeah!

  6. Ace combat 2 was my first console game. Now i'm working as designer in the video games industry, and the ace combat IP had a great influence on me.

    Thanks for the big nostalgia sequence. :D

  7. @ Nopy:
    Ace Combat 5 is definitely one of the most story driven games of the whole series so far, and not surprisingly one of the most favourite among fans. Zero is my personal favourite so far, maybe partially due to the charm and impression it has given me as the first game I have played, as well as its overall tone.

    @ Snark:
    Hahaha I knew you would have suggested songs from Top Gun there! Nevertheless the early games such as Ace Combat 2 do have rather nice rock music in some stages - some I've got really hooked onto already (e.g. Fire Youngman)!

    @ gundamjehutykai:
    A blast from the past indeed~ Felt like going retro and finding the old Ace Combat games to experience the whole series. There's this real fulfilling sense playing them from beginning to end compared to, say, BRS THE GAME.

    I remember losing half of my Game Boy cartridges when I have lent them to my classmates. That really taught me a huge lesson there.

    Too bad I don't have Xbox360 or else I won't mind getting Ace Combat 6. Same with the Ace Combat 3D (now known as Cross Rumble) as I don't have a 3DS; this one is going back to the fictional world of Strangereal, with Scarface from Ace Combat 2 coming back too apparently!

    @ korewagundam:
    I was surprised that I've managed to find these games in good condition. They are actually from the same seller that I've bought for Ace Combat 04 & 5 too :o

    @ Tom:
    I did hear about how the overseas version of Ace Combat 3 got seriously watered down with cutscenes and storyline removed as well as no branched missions. Regarding on Assault Horizon, just head that the downloadable demo is now out on Xbox Live and PSN (though it could be the 15th for the latter). Hope I can get my hands on it and see how it is like!

    @ Adrien Girod:
    Hey thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Interesting to know that Ace Combat 2 was your first ever console game there! I played mostly Game Boy games only when I was little ^^; First time experience and impression really can have a lasting effect, especially in childhood. I'm glad that it is giving you influence for your career there!


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