17 September 2011

Jesta, Jesta, Jesta

Bought 3 boxes of HGUC 1/144 Jesta today, which have been officially released two days ago. Fell in love with the design of these guys as soon as I first saw them, and I am pretty glad that the 1/144 gunpla kits are announced to be released much earlier than I have anticipated.

I will be taking part in the Jesta group build hosted by BMecha. I have never taken part in such event before, but this might be interesting to participate. I just hope that I won't feel too overwhelmed by others' high quality builds or creative mods out there ^^;

As for the 9 GM IIIs that I have bought earlier. The progress has been halted for now due to missing and damaged parts in (which I have only discovered while I was building them), and I am now waiting for replacement parts to come in. I haven't done much gunpla modelling recently, so it's time to brush up and get back into it after months of Ace Combat series (as mentioned in my recent post) ^^;


  1. It's gonna be a while before the Jesta arrive in my country. I really hope it won't get sold out on me :(.

  2. Now you need a HGUC Unicorn Gundam to complete the set lol.

  3. ah Q, you got the same number as me haha!! Also got 3 of these awesome grunts ^^

    And this kit is pretty popular..so many reviews popping out everywhere!!

  4. WTF~!?
    You got YOURS? AUUUGH~!

    This feeling... this feeling of envy~!

  5. Now that you mentioned Jesta, I kinda want to have one too. The design looks awesome.

  6. Awesome! The GMIIIs look like they're coming along great and I'm all about the Jesta now too, its a really cool design for a "grunt" unit.

  7. @ hiroy_raind:
    Do Gunpla kits get sold out really quickly over where you are? Hope you will get one on your hands and participate with the group build!

    @ Tom:
    I do plan to build Unicorn eventually; it's a matter of time before I get myself started with it though; too much backlog at the moment (ack) ^^;

    @ chubbybots:
    I have a bad habbit of building 3 units to make a MS team recently ^^; This is no exception for me!

    Looking forward to see your WIP posts!

    @ bd77:
    That feeling of envy is understandable; I remember having that last month when figma WRS is out ^^; I may have the Jestas earlier than you, but you may start or even finish it before me though!

    @ Samejima / Junn Tan:
    Haha unlike the Gundams themselves it's not often where a grunt machine from the Federation side is cool looking and popular at the same time. Jesta really does stand out among its other cousins there in these aspects!

    @ korewagundam:
    The GM IIIs have been put on halt for some time, but I am planning to resume building them for a bit this month while I wait for replacement parts to come.

    The Jesta really is a cool and popular design. It has been a while since I see so many people get excited over grunt unit, abeit a very high end one!

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  9. Nah, turns out I'm just stupid and missed a lot of preorders.

  10. @ hiroy_raind:
    I understand that pre-orders have been getting harder and more expensive; this is being observed in Hong Kong as well, where I used to buy models and figures straight from stock, but now more seem to be require pre-order for one to get hold of the item when it is released.

    Pre-orders, like stocks, are time limited, and it can be frustrating to realise that they are over before you even know about it. -_- It's funny how we are now going from rushinig to buy the actual toy to rushing to get a piece of pre-order receipt nowadays.


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