31 May 2011

Drei Dreissens

Bought myself 3 boxes of HGUC 1/144 Dreissen (Unicorn Version) shortly after its release earlier this month, and you may or may not know that I tend to have a liking for grunts and buy multiple units of them, so this is no exception ^^;

I don't review models very often, but I thought this post will serve as a teaser for now before the real one.

If there is one thing I have dreaded over the building of the 3 Dreissens, then it would have to be the fancy carving/emblems on the sleeves of the Dreissens. I don't feel like slapping the foil stickers on the uneven surface of the nicely carved sleeves, so I thought I would colour them with Gundam markers. And since white is not the easiest colour to use for Gundam markers, I thought to myself "how about giving them gold & black like Sinanju and give them more of an elite status?".

Here's a quick result: 3 Dreissens ready for sortie. Black Tri-Stars shall rise again!

While I don't paint Gunplas normally, I think I may give these guys some decals and top coat later on. Well, we shall see once I have the time to do a proper post for these guys in June!


  1. Wow...you are probably the only blogger that I know of who gets multiples of grunt units! Does the Dreissen come with marking stickers so that you can differentiate the 3 of them?

    Good choice of painting the sleeves gold! I have a suggestion, why not also paint the white vents on the chest gold also to match the sleeves.

  2. I think the gold looks out of place for this blue/purple color scheme.

    BTW, is the eye movable or is it a stationary sticker?

  3. Wow Q, that looks GREAT! I have such an aversion to the Dreissen seems they're one of the tougher "enemy units" in the G Generation games. I love the Black Tri-Stars "Jet Stream" pose, that looks great!

  4. Yay for cannon fodder. Sometimes I feel really bad for those guys, they get all that training on how to pilot a mobile suit only to get cut down by a Gundam in a fraction of a second.

    I love the gold on black that you did.

  5. HOLY~! Three Dreissens in one go? *salutes*
    You sir, have good tenacity.

    Be getting this guy also this month, but... I need to do one very important modification to it.

  6. @ chubbybots:
    I must admit that I am a bit of a madman for buying multiple grunt units of the same type - usually in 3s; always felt that they make more sense to be grouped as a team rather as individuals, like many military units IRL ^^;

    I have actually considered colouring the chest vents gold as well, but my sister felt it may steal the look from the chest emblem, so I've left them white while coloured the inside silver. But I may look into your suggestion again! :o

    @ Tom:
    Gold looks out of place on purple? Hm interesting since yellow is the opposite colour of purple afterall, so in theory they should complement each other.

    The monoeye is just a sticker unfortunately, so you can't move it around.

    @ korewagundam:
    Thanks! Dreissen's outward appearance really drew my attention when I first saw it. The updated Dom design as well as its bulky silhouette and towering height makes it very mean looking too.

    I am thinking of making a background lore for these guys, and a few ideas are still running in my head. Well we shall see when I do get to make a review post for them later on!

    @ Nopy:
    Since I tend to like grunt machines much more than the big guys nowadays, I too feel sorry for proper pilots serving in armed forces losing out to some really overwhelming prototypes piloted by young Newtype pilots.

    The gold on black does work quite well, just like those on Sinanju~ I'm quite glad that the gold Gundam Marker actually works very well here since it's my first time using it!

    @ bd77:
    Haha it's a bit of a bad habit of mine... ^^; 3 Dreissens are not too bad, but the 3 pairs of sleeves and chest emblems were quite something to colour ^^;; Next thing to mass produce would be GM IIIs, but I have not planned how many I should get at the moment.

    "One very important modification"? Hmmm I'm very intrigued by it. Looking forward to your Dreissen for sure!

  7. Ahhh..... So this is the one you posted in twitter. Nicely done bro! :)

  8. Sick gold trims. I can imagine how bothersome they were to do. But now they're ready for an UC updated jet stream attack!

  9. @ Marzz:
    Yes they are indeed the ones I've posted on twitter~ ^^

    @ rxsiu:
    The emblems and sleeves really did take longer than I've thought to do, and it required a lot of concentration to do too under a magnifying glass, while trying to keep the hands steady @_@

    But the end result is very satisfying, and I'm really liking it over the original black & white. A new Jet Stream Attack is surely something in my mind too!

  10. Hahahaha, a what-if scenario from SRW A and Gihren's Greed games where the Black Tri-Star survives till the ZZ timeline!! XD
    I can understand the feel to put grunts in a group of similar unit. I might even do the same if HGUC Jesta were to ever come out. XD

  11. @ hiroy_raind:
    I haven't played many games, so I didn't know there are such what-if scenarios out there. Interesting ^^

    I feel that grunts seem odd to be by themselves, and putting them in a unit makes more sense - they don't fight alone afterall!

  12. Bro you really one hardcore. You buy and assemble multiple together!

  13. @ LEon:
    I'm more of a madman than hardcore. ^^; This feeling completing multiple units in one go is an interesting sensation to me - a sense of mass production lol.


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