29 April 2011

D-Arts Zero Announced

Picture from Moeyo on Tamashii Feature's Vol.2 report (Mega Man section) back in February

Following X from Mega Man X game series (aka Rockman X in Japan) who has just been released very recently, Bandai's Tamashii Web has announced that his well ancitipated partner Zero will be scheduled for release on D-Arts line in late August.

And here it is:

For those who wonder why Zero has no signiture Z-Saber with him, that's because this is the X1 version (aka First Version). The round shoulders in the silhouette from the first picture is a giveaway there.

Zero in X1 has his Z-Buster, which is seen firing his shot from it in this picture. This Z-Buster shot looks bigger than X's typical pew-pew shots but smaller than X's charged shot.

Teaming up with X

Zero will be released in late August for 3675 Yen (with tax included).

With Zero X1 version being the Zero to be released first, future version(s) with the signiture Z-Saber should be announced soon or later. There are no dates or further info at this moment, so we just have to wait for now.

I am still thinking whether I should get this Zero or just wait for one with Z-Saber. Let's hope if the latter does appear it won't be some kind of Web Shop limited kind of thing (although it's likely for something like Black Zero to have this treatment, but don't count my words for that).

Image sources:
AmiAmi, Tamashii Staff Diary, Moeyo


  1. Awesome...I do love Zero! I have a little snap-kit Zero, I posted on a while back, but D Arts sure knows how to give a character 3 dimensions!

  2. @ korewagundam:
    Zero sure is much more popular than X. I like him more too; who doesn't like a sabre-slashing guy? I look forward to see the version of Z-Sabre to get announced in the future!

    I remmeber you post a picture of Zero and X plamo before. Have you got around to build them? :)


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