25 April 2011

1/144 Comparison

If you have notice my post in "Why do you collect?" or even in my 1/144 tank collection, you may know that I like the 1/144 scale a lot. Not only is it small and collectible, but there is also a fair variety of things one can have to compare to each other there. Shall we have a quick tour on a small variety of random things in 1/144 scale and compare them together?

First off: A 1/144 WWII-era German soldier standing next to an early production Tiger I heavy tank.

A German soldier with Tiger I heavy tank and a modern German Leopard 2 MBT (main battle tank).

Adding more to the randomness, we also have an AT-ST at the back (from Star Wars), as well as an Imperial Stormtrooper on a speeder bike (also from Star Wars) and a JSDF Mitsubishi Type 73 Light Truck on the left.

By the way, the AT-ST and the speeder bike trooper are the only Star Wars things I have here ^^; , which come from the same shokugan box as well

Now adding the Gundam-related guys. The large tank on the right of Leopard II is the Type 61 "M61A2" MBT as seen from MS IGLOO 2, and the two mobile suits are GM Kai and Zaku II F2 Type, and both are from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083.

Adding more random stuff to the lot: AH-64 Apache (Greek Army) on the top left, a Ball just left of the GM Kai, as well as a blue N scale (1/150) Toyota Dyna in front of the AT-ST.

And last but certainly not least, a Dora gun at the back to show the largest gun ever made in history in comparison to real and fictional stuff in 1/144 scale. I wonder whether anyone would still notice the soldier standing in front of the Tiger I in the first place? ^^;


  1. I find it most amusing that real life beats the fictious Gundams in size ^^;;;;;;;

  2. Yay! Thanks for the scale comparisons :D But that guy is hardly visible in the last picture, lol. It's interesting that you added Star Wars items here as well. Really awesome to get all these different things from different universes and compare them :D The Dora gun looks awesome! It reminds me of the train I saw in Front Mission 3, but it's not a giant cannon like that. And holy crap! I just saw the bullet for it >.>

  3. That's a good scale comparison! That is what collecting is all about.

  4. i think the toyota DNya is the only thing that out of scale.. do you have any tutorial on how to weathering the tank.. i got one 1/72 scale tank.. but i don't know how to start it..

  5. Those figures are great Quentin (love the Gundam ones). Btw your blog is really cool, you have nice variety here, are you interested in a link exchange? If you do please let me know to send you more info.



  6. wow, i didn't know ball were that big :P

  7. Very cool Q! I have a 1/144th GM Cold Climate type that I have to build, but that's about it (besides my Gundam Leopard I just posted on). I'm not a fan of 1/144th Gunpla, but that's mainly because I can't get over the idea that they are 'action figure' sized. I really like how bandai has been able to create HIGHLY detailed gunpla kits at the 1/144th scale though and I do understand why you and many others like them so much.

  8. Man, I totally forgot about that soldier! makes me pity the foot soldiers... It must suck trying not to get squashed by an MS on the battlefield :S

  9. @ Blowfish:
    The Schwerer Gustav / Dora is a bit of an odd one ^^; Being the biggest gun ever made in history, it's not something we'd likely get to see in real life anymore ^^;

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    I'm glad that you like it! With giants towering one over another it sure is hard to notice the little guy anymore ^^; The Star Wars AT-ST and speeder bike are quite random things I have there, but I bought them too as they were 1/144 scale too. Having all sorts of things comparing side by side gives one a very nice perspective on sizes, which is quite fascinating I got to say!

    The bullet? Ah the brass thing is some kind of a tool to push the shell into the breech of the gun afaik, but I can't remember what the name is on top of my head. Nevertheless the shell (which is hidden from view and is green) is pretty much the same size but shorter I'd say :o

    @ LEon:
    Thanks! I sure had fun comparing them side by side~ ^^

    @ V:
    The Dyna does seem to stand out among the rest. Not only is it 1/150 scale, but is also brightly coloured. Perhaps it is slightly out of scale compared to what it should have been, but I may check it later; small scales can have larger margin of error afterall :o

    I haven't done painting or weathering for years, but there should be a lot of guides online right?

    @ Catherine Meyers:
    Thanks for your comment. I don't know what your website is or what it is about, so it would be nice to know more before I can confirm link exchange with you!

    @ yoshi:
    Me too! Only when I put the Ball next to the Apache I noticed they were much bigger than I initially thought!

    @ korewagundam:
    Oh the Cold Climate Type! I like how their magazines can be detached from the machinegun, and I thought of getting a team of them to go against my white Kämpfer before.

    You have a point about how 1/144 Gunpla do seem quite action figure-like in terms of details or size. They are getting better, and with a lot of things that are also in the same scale keeps me interested in getting them!

    @ Zhe:
    The soldier sure gets bedwarved and forgotten with mobile suits standing near him; it's more than just David and Goliath there ^^;

  10. Sick Dora gun dude... I'm just imagining that on the Ball. Bad. Ass.

  11. @ rxsiu:
    LOL you and your imaginations! XD


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