5 March 2011


Felt like going back to some of my photos from my trip to Tokyo back in June last year. This time it's Ginza.

Ginza is a high class shopping area with a lot of department stores and big brand flagship stores, and many are of Western brands as well.

Apple building. Very Apple style I must say.

Stunt man performing a still action pose on the street. I like his "wind-blown" tie which is deliberately held in such position.

A crowd of ladies taking pictures of the man "in motion" with their phones.

At the big crossroad between Harumi-doori (晴海通り) and Chuuou-doori (中央通り).

Found this Hakuhinkan Toy Park (博品館 Toy Park) on our guidebook so we thought we would pay it a visit.

A race track on top floor of Hakuhinkan Toy Park.

Gunpla of HG 30th 1/144, MG 1/100, and Mega Size 1/48 Scale of RX-78-2 Gundam on display.

Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts action figures on display.

Other Square-Enix Play Arts action figures on display.

The Yamaha building in Ginza. Its unique outward appearance sure takes my attention on it while walking down the roads.

The Wako Building (和光) in Ginza. It is one of the most well known store for Wako retailer, as well as a symbol of landmark in Ginza due to its appearance and history.

A kouban (交番) in Ginza, which is essentially a police box.

Walking down the roads in Ginza.

Afternoon tea: Mucha flavoured cake with ice-cream.

The Sony Building in Ginza. Lots of latest electronics and gadgets on exhibition in the building. Too bad most are supposedly for Japan only, with a small shop section on the top floor for overseas customers.

One side of Sony Building. The small cafe where I had my mucha cake can be seen on the second floor.

Ginza, an ideal place for ladies with a lot of money to spend, but perhaps not so ideal for everyone else who fall out of that criteria ^^;

My sister had to meet an old school friend in Ginza, so the rest of us decided to stroll along the streets in Ginza before meeting up again.

Ginza sure is a high class district. Unless one is going for a shopping spree with the high brand stuff, this is probably not the place for one to go, but there are a few exceptions like the Sony Building and the Hakuhinkan Toy Park that one can spend some time too. Speaking of high class my cousin saw a driver having to escort a lady in kimono to a vintage Mercedes-Benz, while bending his back so that he is below her height all the time before she sits down in her car before driving her away. Not something one gets to see every day for sure ^^;;;


  1. For some odd reason, your description reminds me of Times square on HK island...

    That's a place I seem to go to a lot when I go to HK and has lots of high class shops around but I never buy stuff from there!

  2. I remember seeing the 1/48 scale Gundam in Osaka once and my friend was tempted to buy one.

  3. Looks almost like Time Square of New York.

  4. Nice photos Q!

    Yea... according to my friend from Japan, if you don't have tons of money then the most you could (and should) do is just window-shop in Ginza; there are plenty of other districts to shop for clothes other than Ginza. Of course, it is definitely worth a look just like anywhere in Japan ^^.

  5. Great pictures buddy! Thanks for posting there!

  6. @ gundamjehutykai:
    Ginza reminds you of Times Square in Hong Kong? Interesting. :o

    While Times Square and some parts of Causeway Bay does have quite a number of high class shops, it seems to me that the majority of Ginza is about that, even moreso than Hong Kong! Hong Kong's Central district may be compared to Ginza but that one feels more like a combination of Roppongi and Shiodome to me.

    @ Adun:
    Afaik the 1/48 Mega Size Gundam is quite simple in terms of assembly and articulation, but big models sure are tempting~ ^^

    @ Tom:
    Ginza does look very western by the outward appearance and architectures. The way how Ginza sells mostly western brand stuff supports this very well too :o

    @ Z:
    I agree that Ginza really isn't a place for shopping for those travelling and shopping with a fixed budget (or are not so interested into such high class stuff). This is the second time I've been to Ginza actually to show my cousin one district after another, and both times are after spending the morning in Tsukiji first. As you said, it's still worth a look to appreciate the high class feel of the area, as well as the Sony Building for the latest electronics!

    @ korewagundam:
    Thanks! Hope you like them!


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