8 February 2011

figma WRS preview

So the recent hyped Black Rock Shooter (BRS) will have a white counterpart called (WRS) for an upcoming PSP game "Black Rock Shooter the Game", and it's getting materialised in the form of a figma action figure.



Close up on the upper body and face. This >:9 face has resemlance to one of figma Dead Master's expressions, which also has a tongue out.

3rd expression. The two fangs in the open mouth are visible.

Action pose. Looks like that the wings have articulations as well.

A picture taken in the very recent WonFes 2011 Winter from Hobbystock blog. One can see that the wings are removable.

Edited: There are no confirmed news that WRS necessarily stands for "White Rock Shooter". It can be "White Rock Scythe" or anything. Until new info is released, I will only refer it as "WRS".

But whatever the reasons, I am falling for it. Be it the big scythe, the evil yet with a hint of mischievous look of her, the unzipped short shorts, or no protruding horns and such that what didn't get me to buy figma Dead Master at the end, I want to say no more... OTL

The design appears to be that of Black Rock Shooter combined with Dead Master but with a white colour scheme. The mecha-like wings are not so much to my liking, so the fact that it's removable changed my heart on it, which is what I would have preferred when I first saw the artwork of it.

The problem? This figma is bundled with the upcoming PSP game Black Rock Shooter the Game "limited edition", which will cost around 10497 Yen for official retail price (according the to the official "pre-information" page). This is going to be a classical sample of what we call "買figma送game" in Chinese, or "buy figma and get game as supplement". The "limited edition" will also come with an artbook and soundtracks, but will they be worth getting just because I want the figma? Well, let's hope the shooter RPG game is actually good but I won't put too much hopes and hypes for it.

Image from Siliconera

The game itself is going to have a different setting from the one in the OVA. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, humans are near the edge of total extermination from unknown robots, and a girl called Black Rock Shooter is called upon as a final weapon to battle against this robot invasion. For some reasons this got me to think of Saikano all of a sudden.

This is when I start blaming myself for falling into such "marketing ploy" stuff. Go laugh at me all you want, or if you too are falling for it too, let us fall together.


Images from 4Gamer via Kyouran Kyoudai
More pictures available on figma official site


  1. Not digging it, as much as I dig hasbros daily repaints. Would have been better if they just called it White Rock(something to do with scythe, er slashing, yeah slasher)

  2. Perhaps they should have named it White Rock Slicer instead ^^ Don't think I'll be getting this tho. 10,000 yen is too much for a figma eventhough it may come with other stuff =/

  3. @ Gun the ammoless:
    It's good that you're not into it. This one is more than just a repaint as there are alterations here and there. White Rock Scythe or White Rock Slasher does sound more proper for how she looks like :\

    @ Zhe:
    Anything other than "Shooter" may make more sense, unless the scythe somehow has a hidden cannon mode then I don't know what to say.

    10000+ Yen really is an awfuk lot of money. Too bad this figma's design actually has a number of features that I end up really like, so I will like to find some ways to get one. Unless you really, really like this figma, it's not really worth getting just for it I'd say.

  4. I love how evil she looks. The design's gorgeous too, especially her wings. The color's decent, but I guess she has to be white to be white rock shooter. Overall, she'd be a great complement to BRS and Dead Master.

    p.s. I fall for this marketing ploy all the time too... Loll

  5. @ Yi:
    She does have a wicked appearance. You like the wings? That's interesting to know ^^ I do wonder whether she would look better in other colours, but her current look has badly seduced me already orz

    "I fall for this marketing ploy all the time too... Loll" <-- lol... ^^;;

  6. Post edited. No confirmation for full name of WRS at the moment, so I will only refer this character by WRS until new info is released.

  7. I'm curious as to what kind of articulation is inside the "wings". Don't feel bad for falling into the marketing ploy. She's just really good looking so whether or not one likes BRS you can still fall into the trap :) The game looks really great and it seems to fill that gap between what was expected of Black Rock Shooter and what the anime movie turned out to be. So for me, this is a win/win situation. There's just too much I like about her to pass her up.

  8. As I already stated in some of our earlier combos I really,really like her Mecha Musume Look and her tongue is quite fabulous aswell :3

    Luckily youll be able to get rid of the game one way or another.Dont worry about falling for her though since you ,unless other pitiful beeings, know that this is a mere ploy to suck money out of your wallet. Its bad when people dont realize and spend all their money on things

  9. I would really love to have this figure (no offense to BRS), if only it wasn't so expensive. The detail is amazingness.

    The game looks good as well. The story, at least, seems more interesting than the OVA. Who knows, they may even make an anime adaption from the game.

  10. @ Persocom:
    I would guess that the wings have multiple ball & socket joints for articulation, but I'm not fully sure.

    As for the game, I personally won't expect much from it, but if it does turn out good then it's a nice thing for sure, since I am going to pay a lot just for the figma at the moment. Well let's hope the OST and artworks that come with them are good as well.

    @ Blowfish:
    The design of WRS sure is a win for you since you like both mecha musume (especially Busou Shinki) and tongues ^^

    I am anticipating a possibility that I may not be able to sell the game, as there are rumours of an English version coming out in the future. *If* the game does turn out to be good I may consider keeping it. Well we shall see.

    @ mkmiku:
    Ack, having the figma bundled with a game is troublesome already (understandable since WRS is a game original character), but the price is quite a killer... It's not even funny. Someone may buy the game off me but this is not absolute at the moment.

    Having a post-apocalyptic world can be a more interesting setting as opposed to school life with a parallel world. I won't comment too much about the game for the time being until it's out.


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