24 February 2011

ANA x Unicorn Gundam

Quick-and-dirty recolouring of "blue" Unicorn Gundam in Destroy Mode

I remember when I first showed my sister the line art of Unicorn Gundam in Destroy Mode, the first thing she commented was "I'd love it if the red parts are in blue~". It looks like that her wish has become true.

For the ongoing ANA x GUNDAM Sky Project, the latest Gunpla to be released for this campaign will be the 1/144 HGUC Unicorn Gundam D-Mode ANA Original Colour Ver. 5000 Yen (tax and shipping included), and pre-order is available for domestic flights only.

Other than the clear blue psychoframe and (apparently) plated parts, custom marking stickers will be provided for this kit as well.

On the other hand, the availability of 1/48 Mega Size Gundam ANA Original Colour Ver. (picture as shown above) and the 1/200 ANA x Gundam Jet & RX-78 Gundam set will be extended to 30th April as well.

My sister now has her eyes on the blue Unicorn Gundam, as her humble wishes has become true~ But given the conditions to get one in the first place, getting one for my sister won't be easy, not to mention the price tag of 5000 Yen as well. I'm thinking of maybe getting one for my sister anyway, but I will have to find some local proxy services for it ^^;;;

ANA x Gundam Sky Project website:


  1. I also have my eyes on Blue unicorn but it is only selling if you take domestic flight in Japan and only then you can only get it at 5000 yen...:(

  2. Hero from EM Creation has already beat ANA to the Blue Unicorn xD


  3. @ LEon:
    Both of the facts that it's domestic flight only and the 5000 Yen price tag is quite a pain. I do not look forward to know the price local proxy services will quote me >_<;

    @ Z:
    My sister wants clear blue XD But this is well mentioned as the blue is very well painted on the MG there!

  4. Why does all the good things you want happen in japan?

  5. I do like the blue a lot...I'm not sure if I like it better than the red or just the same, they both look good. I'm really warming up to the Unicorn's design though, I wasn't too fond of it at first.

  6. Blue Unicorn looks reaaally good >.< It's been done before by a couple of other modelers tho... but not in clear blue

  7. I take a liking to your sisters color palletes. I also wish you one HELL of a luck getting her one

  8. I'll be on the domestic flight during that period, but will international buyer be able to pre-order it? under the pre-order cost of 5000yen is inclusive of local shipping. Any chance for international buyer?

  9. @ Tom:
    The Japanese tend to keep the best stuff to themselves, or so it seems :\

    @ korewagundam:
    What colours we like would be down to our own tastes. The blue psychoframe is a nice refreshing change to the red one we're used to, though I too would think that both colours look good in their own right.

    I suppose we do get warmed up to many mecha designs as we become more exposed to them. Such was the case with many of Gundam 00's mecha designs for me. ^^

    @ Zhe:
    Even with clear blue ink or paint it's not easy to colour over the clear red to get an effective clear blue. The clear blue colour definitely looks good (just as my sister wishes), but the method of getting one is so... Undesirable.

    @ Gun the ammoless:
    Thanks~ I'm sure I will need that luck to find a proxy service or a contact willing to get one for my sister. -_-;

    @ Anonymous:
    Apparently only local shipping is available for pre-order (according to the term "国内配送品"). This can be troublesome for those of us who would really want to get this particular Gunpla due to the restrictions.

    Would you happen to know anyone in Japan who you can send the Gunpla to and have them send it to you later? Alternatively there are forwarding services like Tenso out there that you can try, although it's better to check with them whether they can do this particular pre-order or not since I haven't used such online services before.

  10. Yeah Buddy, I hear that - I still can't get on board with a lot of the OO designs, but for the most part, yes, the more I'm exposed to a design, the more I start to like it!

  11. @ korewagundam:
    It appears that Sunrise deliberately chose mecha designers who had not worked on Gundam franchise to work specifically for Gundam 00, hence why we have such different designs compared to other Gundam series. Quite an ambitious one, so it's understandable that many can't get over with them (too different from what we're used to).


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