10 November 2010

PS3 Acquired

Yep, that's right. I've bought a PS3 on Sunday. After a long delay, I felt I should delay no more even though my sister didn't feel there is an urge for one. Not surprisingly, after I brought it back home her reaction changed from "don't really care" to "excited" ^^;

Games I got so far (from left to right): Gundam Battlefield Record 0081 (aka Gundam Senki), Final Fantasy XIII, Katamari Forever, and God of War Collection.

God of War Collection is mainly for my cousin, which comes with a God of War III keychain

I still need to buy Valkyria Chronicles, but the games I have bought so far will keep me well occupied already. On the other hand I have a feeling that my sister will start FFXIII before me since I need to restart FFXII International ver. on PS2. At least there will be no conflict on console should this happens ^^;

So... I know this may sound like a lame excuse *if* it does happen, but should I disappear from blogosphere, you know what would have happened to me -_-;; If it happens, that is.


  1. wo0o awesome. well... you can always blog about how you like each game instead of outright disappearing ^^;. Let us know how Gundam Senki is since it is at least Gundam-related afterall.

    I won't even get the idea of buying a PS3 until a SRW is announced for it... or maybe if I decide to get Gran Turismo 5. Whichever comes first.

    Game on!

  2. Ooh.. nice. How much did it set you back? and where? I'm thinking of picking one up too.

  3. Congratulations! LoL I know I was completely off the grid when I got into a game on the PS3 ^^;

    Is that the Gundam game that was launched the first time PS3 came out? Have fun!

  4. Enjoy your PS3. Look foward to your posts when you return from gaming.

  5. woo awesome! yeah these games will probably last you for a while, especially when you have FFXIII in it >.<. anyways enjoy your new toy =O

  6. @ Z:
    I'm not good at reviewing games, mainly because I am not very good at gaming in general ^^; But I suppose a review of Gundam Senki isn't a bad idea if I know how to take ingame screenshots.

    Hm still no SRW game announced for PS3, but Gran Turismo 5 should get released fairly soon (despite delays). Interesting to know that PS3 is not on your list at all until either are announced/released :o

    @ coffeebugg:
    The main reason why there's so much delays on getting a PS3 was that I still have a lot of backlogs to go through, and no time to do many other things I want to do. Depending on what size of HD you're getting, 160GB versions now cost just below 2400HKD. Got mine in Wan Chai since it's more accessible for me than, say, Mong Kok or Sham Shui Po.

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    That is the danger of gaming; it's very easy to get so into one and forget about blogging ^^;

    Gundam Senki is not the first Gundam game on PS3. I think you're talking about Crossfire (aka Target in Sight in Japan), which wasn't received so well outside Japan afaik.

    @ Nyan Nyan:
    Thanks~ I will try not to forget about blogging since gaming can really be an addicting thing!

    @ guuzen:
    Thanks man. I think my sister will start FFXIII before I do. Despite its mixed reviews let's hope it's not as bad as we would have worried.

  7. Congrats! I should be spending a bit more time with my PS3, instead of letting it collect dust like my wii XD. And I'm loving the cover of the Asian version of FF13. It's way better than my American Copy >.>"

  8. AW! YEAH! Add me on your PSN List buddy! (ViperEye82) and we can roll 0081 Together!

    Awesome pick up, I love my PS3!

  9. Hell, It's about time!!!

    I'd skip FFXIII if I was you. It's really bad! But if you do decide to go through with it, my advice is to level up Fang. She makes the game easier.
    If you ever get a fighting game like Blazblue or SSFIV, look me up! I tend to do most of my multiplayer on Xbox tho. And you'd better get VC!! Still one of the best games this console generation. THe fact that the 2 sequels are on PSP is like a kick to the nuts after a sweek kiss from a hot lady!

    And GT5 is out on the 24th November. So a scant few weeks away!

  10. Any plans to get SD GGeneration Wars? :D

    For the review portion, you could take about what you like and don't like. Something like your personal feeling, the plot, the graphics or a simple guide like game controls and is it similar to any previously released games, etc. for starters.

  11. @ Asuka:
    Many people I know who have Wii have them collecting dusts already ^^; I hope this is not the case for PS3, well at least not so soon!

    The Asian English/Chinese version of FFXIII does look pretty cool. US version isn't bad; it's that she's not in an action pose I suppose ^^;

    @ Apt-1B:
    Will add you sometime this week~ I think I will begin with Mercenary mode anyway despite the 2x cost. Hope I can get to see you there!

    @ gundamjehutykai:
    It is about time indeed!

    FFXIII has a very mixed review so I am on the fence to be honest, but I still have FFXII on my backlog for PS2, so it may be some time before I will get my hands on FFXIII. Besides my sister may play on it before I do.

    I'm not so much into fighting games, but yep I did get my hands on Valkyria Chronicles over the weekend! My sister has expressed an interest towards the game as well. Will very likely start it soon as I have finished scneario mode (i.e. story mode) of Gundam Senki not long ago.

    Not planning to get GT5 at the moment, but the fact that Volkswagen Kübelwagen and Schwimmwagen are in it really caught my attention!

    @ Jacques:
    No plans on SD GGeneration Wars yet, but thanks for the suggestion!

    I'll think about how I will do my review for the game (if I get around to it). It's most likely going to be one with a subjective view as the only other Gundam games I have played in the past were the VS series. Oh well I will go through it with my own feelings one way or the other, I'm sure. Thanks for the suggestions on game review too!

  12. @Q - Hey buddy, did you manage to add me to your PSN yet? No rush, but I sure can help you one merc Mode :)

    @Jacques - I could certainly do a review of Wars - I love that game!

  13. @ Apt-1B:
    Sorry mate I have been a bit busy this week; I still haven't got time to touch the PS3 since Sunday! Will tell you once I've added you though!

  14. Yup, my Wii is collecting a lot of dust atm... LOL. Simply because I don't have time to go home and play on it. Not sure when I'll get my PS3 since I am really interested in playing Marvel Vs Capcom 3...
    It's okay if you're away from the blogsphere, I have you on msn to check your progress ^_^ hahaha

  15. Congrats on getting your PS3 and 0081! i just started playing 0081 abt 3 weeks ago, if you wanna join me online sometime it'll be great! I live in Australia though so the timezones may be a bit different... look me up, my psn ID is fatboy838...!

  16. @ Robostrike:
    lol... So this Wii dust collecting phenomenon is still there ^^;

    I am rather horrible at fighting games, but the fact that Zero from the Megaman/Rockman X series is in the roster is a big plus in my book!

    Even though I want to play, I am getting a bit occupied recently ._. Oh well I just have to wait for the weekends.

    @ oliver:
    Thanks! I've just finished playing scenario modes on both sides and am about to start mercenary mode. I'll try to look you up over the weekend!

  17. Hi Q

    thanks for adding me on the PSN network, had a great game last night! sorry i had to log off, it was 3am and was pretty knackered! i'll try to finish off the missions so i can join you on merc mode. i find that the AI is useless on some missions, it's much better playing with a 'real' team mate!


  18. @ oliver:
    Hey man that was some nice coop gaming that night. Hope we'll get to do more like this in the future (maybe in the weekends)!

    And yes I do find that some missions are hard on solo because the AI aren't exactly brilliant ^^; As you said a real teammate is required for better result!

  19. Q

    yup definitely weekends! LOL, juggling work, wife, daughter, plamo and gaming is tough...

    i gotta finish up the zeon missions first, then i can join you on merc mode.


  20. Sorry for the late reply, but damn, congrats on finally getting a PS3!

    And I totally approve of VC1, and FFXII! Thumbs up!

    Definitely gotta prioritize your hobbies now. O_o;

  21. @ oliver:
    Haha don't we all wish we have much more time in our hands?

    Looking forward to see you on merc mode!

    @ radiant:
    Thanks! It's about time I got a PS3 I suppose ^^;

    Now playing VC2 during weekdays, and VC1 during weekend. Prioritising becomes very important for me, as I have various backlogs to go through, not just games but anime and gunpla too!

    There is too much that I want to do! @_@

  22. Q

    Hah i just finished Story mode Federation on "normal'. And finished Zeon on 'Hard'.. i just started Merc mode on the Free Missions! Anytime you wanna play (weekends? late evening?) just send me a msg on PSN.

    BTW I just found out that they made a 10 min OVA to go with the game! Phwoar!:

    :) oliver

  23. @ oliver:
    I can't promise whether I can make it in the coming weekend(s), but I will send you a PM on PSN when I am available to play online.

    The OVA was apparently available for those who pre-ordered the game as they were given a code to view the video, which was limited for 7 days only (or so I heard).


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