5 October 2010

Suzumiya Haruhi x Katoki Hajime

A new sample display is shown for the relatively new COMPOSITE Ver.Ka. action figure line in the very recent Tamashii Nation 2010 event, and it's gonna be... Suzumiya Haruhi in a mecha suit?

The tentative name for Haruhi's new mecha suit is called 「ハルヒ☆隊長☆専用機 全領域汎用人型決戦外骨格(仮)」, or Commander Haruhi Suzumiya's customize model General-purpose Humanoid type Decisive Battle Exoskeleton PRODUCTION MODEL according to the info. Talk about a long name... ^^; I was originally thinking of putting that as this post's title, but it is just impractically long to be one.

Designed by Katoki Hajime, a mechanical designer for Sunrise who is well known for his famous, angelic-like Wing Gundam Zero Custom, the collaboration with Haruhi is sure something rather unusual to have, well at least in my opinion that is.

Front view

Side view

It appears that Haruhi has her whole torso to the left. There should be a joint within the chest which separates the top part of torso from the lower part.

The exoskeleton without Haruhi

Bunny Haruhi with visor on

I'm not the only one who thinks that the waist looks a bit too thin from the side right? It kinda reminds me of the thing with Revoltech Fräulein Bunny Haruhi action figure.

And finally a clearer look at the rifle

No release date, scale of figure, or price are known at the moment. As far as I know this design does not appear in the anime series or the original light novels, and seeing a manga cover on the info will give it a very high possibility that the mecha suit exists in at least one chapter of the manga as manga exclusive content. I have not read the manga (only up to volume 8 for light novel and have not started 2nd season of anime nor the movie), so I can't be fully sure that this really comes from the manga. Oh well I'm sure more info will come eventually.

Images and source from:
GA Graphic via Ngee Khiong
Hobby Stock Blog

P.S. A lot of Gundam fans will be well aware that Ngee Khiong, who has been providing timely Gundam and other mecha-related news for the English-speaking community for years, has decided to quit blogging on 1st October. I will plan to make a post about it by this weekend.


  1. Putting her in a "frame" like that TOTALLY reminds me of this:


    awesome stuff! :)

  2. Her torso assembly resembles Kaiyodo Fraulein Haruhi Bunny suit ver.

    With that said, Haruhi + mecha = sweetdelicious (Ryusei approved).

  3. Given my experience with the Composite Ver. Ka line-up, I am having a hard time this one will come out of production looking that good... or even painted for that matter. I can't really see the "design" of the frame (looks like a mess with bunny ears) but with all the markings, it sure reeks of katoki. I think it would've been better if Haruhi was in some sort of plug suit than a bunny suit... seems out of place.

  4. as I've said in my blog, if just Haruhi is not in her bunny suit, I'll give this a thought

  5. I was discussing this with some members over at tomopop and my final feeling was: Mecha Suits make everything better. No exceptions!!
    This follows that rule!

  6. @ radiant:
    Oh I've almost forgotten about her. Well brought up man, even though I forgot how overly exposed she is (lol)!

    @ bd77:
    Ah yes you do have Fräulein Bunny Haruhi. So they do indeed share some similarities then. I hope the proportions will be alright should it come out.

    @ Z:
    I too heard that overall quality of COMPOSITE Ver.Ka isn't fabulous. The Ver.Ka Gurren Lagann has not been popular because of its quality, and I can now buy one 1/2 of its retail price in shops if I want to (which is really crazy).

    @ divinelight:
    It's a bit of a strange combination, if bunny Haruhi is turns out okay I won't mind buying it.

    @ gundamjehutykai:
    lol... Even though mecha musumes aren't really my cup of tea, I don't mind about this one. So yep this Haruhi x Katoki Hajime's exoskeleton combo follows the rule you've mentioned. No exception indeed! ^^;

  7. This is madness. Actually it's pretty cool, thought I'd rather it was a different bunny girl than Haruhi at this point XD Still, it's quite interesting seeing an actual kit come out like this, rather than just being someone's custom creation.

  8. @ Persocom:
    I did hear that there is likely going to be a Yuki mecha musume coming out in the future, but this is just a speculation.

    If this Haruhi mecha suit does come out, let's hope the overall finish is okay, because the COMPOSITE Ver.Ka line action figures aren't so well received in terms of quality afaik.


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