26 September 2010

Photobucket overloaded

I can't keep up... orz

Photobucket bandwidth got overloaded (again) due to unexpected traffic surge last week. My humble blog can't keep up too well with it. Will try my best to restore the images via another image host as soon as possible.

Gotta admit that I have been using an inappropriate image hosting service for quite some time... Should have switched to other ones much earlier in the first place orz

Btw big thanks to visitors who have happened to arrive at my blog on the McDonald's Sasuke Toy post via reddit, Gizomodo, and facebook etc. I hope you enjoy what you have read there! (I hope)

Gundam 00 Second Season screenshot from Random Curiosity


  1. Hey cmon now, Ngee still uses Photobucket.

    In fact I still use Photobucket...On Gaia^^;

  2. I was thinking the same thing. I use photobucket, and although I do get warnings that I'm reaching the limit from time to time, I've never actually gone over.
    Then I saw that Gizmodo linked to your Sasuke post. That pretty much explained everything

    That should mean that it should die down to more manageable levels though by now.

  3. @ Mikee:
    Oh you changed your name :o

    Ngee Khiong uses multiple accounts of Flickr for most of the image hosting now. He does continue to use photobucket for his own photos for his Ex blog. Not directly though; he provides a link to an album of pictures from his own reviews.

    @ gundamjehutykai:
    Sometimes the big fault I have when hosting images on photobucket is that I did not bother to resize them, which can eat up a lot of bandwidth too.

    The Gizmodo trackback is not the biggest source of traffic surge; it's actually reddit. They have drawn a surprisingly huge number of curious visitors to the page. Luckily imageshack can handle the bandwidth quite well there, or else it would be quite embarassing for me (well it already is because of photobucket!).

  4. Oh? That's interesting. Gizmodo is one of the biggest gadget blogs on the internet but I guess Reddit has a wider base to call on.

    Been meaning to add my site to reddit and Digg for ages but could never be bothered. Now is a good a time as any I suppose...

  5. @ gundamjehutykai:
    I've checked the Gizmodo post. It was done kinda halfheartedly, as there are no pictures shown, and some people have even missed the link to go to my blog!

    Haven't thought about adding blog to social news sites. I guess it won't hurt to do so though.


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