6 September 2010

McDonald's Sasuke Toy

I usually don't take much notice of Naruto-related stuff, but that's mainly due to the fact that I don't watch the anime or read the manga. Nothing wrong about Naruto; it's just that it is a very long series for me to follow. However this Sasuke toy is worth mentioning though. It gets so famous in the Internet, especially within the Taiwanese community, that there are even news reporting about it.

This Sasuke toy was originally obtainable from McDonald's Happy Meal in Japan and Taiwan. Released sometime in July, the original feature of the toy is that Sasuke could do a flip if you press down the lever on his back.

But that doesn't always work very well.


Look closely at Sasuke's face... Well, let's just say it's not of the quality one is used to with their high quality figures ^^; One may start thinking of Sader for the dreadful quality on the face. For the notorious look it has been nicknamed "邪神佐助" (literally translated as "Evil God Sasuke"), just as Sader is nicknamed "邪神 Saber" in Chinese.

For those who are not familiar with who Sader is, here she is.
Image from Komica Wiki

But that's not the main point of this Sasuke toy though. There's more.

Somehow, people have found something special about him - on top of his head there he possesses the greatest balancing power that is hard to imagine. You can balance all sorts of stuff on top of his head, and he will stand untested like he's using his chakura to keep the object on top of his head balanced.

Enough of talking, let's see the power of Uchiha Sasuke ourselves!

Let's start off with something small then work the way up - first off a little Donald Duck statue.

Stack of coins

A chess king piece


Thermal mug

Some strangely shaped large bottle that not even the original photographer knew what it was for.

He can even balance it upside down, with head touching the floor.

X-Box controller is no problem for Sasuke.

Even a Swiss Army knife

Balancing on a Japanese sword. Judging from the relatively short length I think it's a wakizashi.

Balancing on a bun is easy peasy for Sasuke.

Kagamiku is not amused having to pose and balance on top of Sasuke, but she seems to be doing fine there.

Remote control

Balancing an NDS vertically is no challenge too

A laptop. The first image makes it seem like it's floating or something ^^;


Fishes: Our lives are under jeopardy

A rice cooker!

Just look at his face, even with a heavy rice cooker on top of his head, he is still keeping the same pose and expression. That is determination and strength man.

Or a buddha statue... Either way

MG Strike Freedom posing crazily on top of Sasuke with no problems as well o_O

Multiple Sasukes posing on (and underneath) a pistol (apparently a KWA KP45; thanks anonymous!)

Sasuke: Naruto, your Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique) is nothing compared to my pyramid of doom.

And yes he can withstand one wheel of an ita-scooter... Does he have limits at all?! (Note: This photo is commonly regarded as an edited picture by the Taiwanese community, but I'll leave it here anyway)

Even news in Taiwan have reported about it! XD


ADDED: Apple Daily interviewed jorsindo forum member tarly110, who started the original thread on the (in)famous Sasuke toy and made it popular outside Komica (roughly the Taiwanese equivalent of 2chan):


With the incredible balancing power Sasuke possesses, no wonder fans and curious people were rushing to purchase Happy Meals in McDonalds. There is simply too much stuff you can try balancing on Sasuke (and it works). Sasuke knows no limit (just like in the manga?? ^^;). Man makes me wish they had that in Hong Kong too XD



  1. Man! I'd snap that up if something like that is available in my area xD So cool! LOL

    I was about to ask my mom to grab one for me cus she's in HK for a week. Then I saw that it's not available in HK T_T

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  2. Why the boxes of the Gears Of Wars and Halo 3 and Halo Wars are so fat?

  3. This is awesome, but it would have been better if it had been a Choji toy.!

  4. @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
    I would grab one and try balancing all sorts of stuff on top of Sasuke if he's available in Hong Kong too! I really want to see that legendary strength of his myself! XD

    @ xIvanEdgex:
    Judging from the text at the sides both of them are Chinese/English compiled version, with the Gears of Wars being a limited edition one. Not sure whether the Halo 3 one is a limited edition too or not.

    @ Ashvin:
    Ah we can only wish ^^;

  5. It was working earlier, but now all the images say "photobucket account limit exceeded"

  6. @ Anonymous:
    Thanks for reporting. I've re-uploaded the pictures onto imageshack. Should work again now.

  7. Laughing at Amusement is all that I can say ^_^ Though I'm very surprised it was able to support a motorcycle ^_^

  8. that is certainly one amazing and amusing toy that they have released. It should be voted for top invention for the year 2010.

    Can't help laughing when i saw the expression Sasuke makes while balancing all those different objects on his head.

  9. Wow, that's pretty crazy. I would think they were all shopped if I just saw it with no explanation lol. I so want to get one just to see how much stuff I can balance on it. Though I would probably end up breaking it when I balance my car on his head lol.

  10. wOW...thats amazing man!! Never knew such a simple toy can do so much stuff!!! And its just simply funny watching him do those balancing acts...

  11. Damn this was available back in July here in Singapore! But didn't know about this until now... I would have got one immediately if i knew! DDD8

  12. You know, if he spent the entire series balancing all sorts of crap on his head, I bet he'd have a lot more fans.

  13. Wow, strike freedom. Just speechless, didn't know it could do that... haha...

  14. This is my first time hearing and seeing "Sader"... incidentally, I made the same exact facial expression after seeing her face.

    Haha... that Sasuke is pretty awesome xD. He might even be able to balance out the world!

  15. @ Robostrike:
    There were some rumours saying that the scooter picture could be a shopped one, but it looks convincing to me. Nevertheless someone jokingly commented that Sasuke could be his new mechanical jack for lifting his lorry ^^;

    @ Jacques:
    Although completely unintentional, the invisible function of Sasuke has truly made him a legend!

    And haha no one can be that undeterred face of Sasuke under all kinda of objects - the true face of determination (?) ^^;

    @ AS:
    I too wasn't convinced when I first saw them, until I found more forum and blog posts with the poster's own attempts to balance things (and worked). Makes me want to find ways to acquire one and try it myself!

    @ chubbybots:
    It's an unintentional invisible function, but it's also what makes him famous. I wonder how people managed to discover such things in the first place ^^;

    @ Anonymous:
    Oh really?! Man that is a pity. I haven't heard it was out in Singapore as well. How come Hong Kong doesn't have it??

    @ Anonymous:
    Hahahaha~ Your comment is pure win!

    @ rxsiu:
    Me neither - and that is my sister's favourite picture too for the crazy pose!

    @ Z:
    Haha. Sader is quite well known even in Japan too!

    Sasuke trully is awesome. Put him upside down on top of Mt Everest, and he will balance out the world indeed! (laughs)

  16. Poor Sasuke... No one will ever take him seriously again XD

  17. @ Hikarii:
    Oh yes way~ Seeing is believing (laughs)

    @ Alibaba:
    Not after this MacDonald's toy at least, we'll be more serious at what we can balance on top of him instead XD

  18. That is rad.

    It looks like he is capable of balancing all sorts of stuff on his head, but a few of them do look photoshopped to me. The lighting is correct, but the cutting and placement is not.

    The chess piece, hammer, kagamiku, pistol, strike freedom, and multiple sasuke pyramid look photoshopped to me. Some of the others do look authentic.

    The ita scooter also looks authentic because of the way the wheel "floats" above the horizon line. But I don't think that bit of plastic would withstan the force, and the scooter probably wouldn't be able to balance on that. I'm guessing that there was something lifting it up, but it was photoshopped out, and sasuke placed underneath.

    1. Look at the hammer pic again; you can clearly see the reflection of Sasuke and the hammer. It's real!!

  19. @ Radiant:
    As you are a photoshop artist, I won't be surprised if you suspect some of them are photoshopped or edited in some ways. I can't determine whether some really are photoshopped or not, but the hammer one might quite well be real because there was another picture of it from another angle (as seen from the news on YouTube video). A lot of the photos later in the post are from Komika (you can very roughly view it as the Taiwanese version of 2chan), so their reliability may be questionable. The scooter one is believed to be photoshopped from community and the news already, but I think the earlier bunch of photos from the one blogger are authentic.

  20. Amazing! I thought this will be some crazy japanese wtf toy, but this is a totally "want one"!

  21. That was amazingly crazy haha!

  22. i am so jealous i want one of these so bad

    too amazing

  23. This is friggin' cool. I'm not a Naruto follower either, just because I've ever gotten around to it, but I want one of those!!

  24. Not to be too anal but its McDonalds not MacDonalds.

  25. I'm more amazed of the proof that at least one person in Japan actually likes Western-developed games, on a 360 no less!

  26. wow that's terrifically awesome!

  27. I was hoping for a picture with a pancake on top of his head.

    Regardless, awesome indeed :D

  28. Holy shit, that's amazing! I'm not a Naruto fan, but this makes me smile and happy xD

  29. @ Classic Fun:
    I wasn't expecting anything that great at first, but it got more and more epic to an extent that I want one to try it out myself too!

    @ xxiirii, sell my rolex watch, zreb, tashigi, polerin:
    I'm glad that you like it! Thanks for checking it out!

    @ Joleene Naylor, ZengQunAn:
    I am not into Naruto either, but I really don't mind getting this Sasuke just because what he can (or supposedly can) do!

    @ xu:
    No problem, I have corrected it now. Thanks for reminding.

    @ KevinSeattle:
    Ah, those are Taiwanese localised versions of 360 games, as most of these pictures are from Taiwanese community.

  30. This is absolute crap, the pictures are photoshopped if you save them and zoom in closely you can see tell tale signs...pathetic...but all you people will believe anything really i suppose

  31. @Q ah, that makes much more sense. The wonderful Taiwanese people appreciate good games!

  32. @ Anonymous:
    Oh? So you're accusing pictures from numerous Taiwanese blogs posted are are photoshopped? Even those reported in news and demonstrated by news reporters are fake? Sure, the scooter one is regarded as a fake (abeit a funny one), but too bad you just don't know how to appreciate it :\

    @ KevinSeattle:
    The Japanese are quite inward from Western influences, compared to the rest of Asia (that I know of). Not only do Taiwanese have good appreciations, they can be quite crazy too!

  33. LoL he's got quite a balance there ^^; The motorcycle one is epic, even if it is 'Shopped XD

  34. I just spent 10 minutes at work just laughing at this post. Thanks so much for making my day go by faster!

  35. Oh LOL. That's some epic balancing jutsu right there. XD

  36. Hahaha that's funny. I had to show this to my brother.

    They had these at Mcdonalds when I was there earlier this year.

  37. @ Lightning Sabre:
    Yea the scooter one is very likely to be editied, but it's still pretty funny. I've read one comments in a forum "Sasuke can be my next car jack" ^^;

    @ Alex:
    I'm glad that you like it! Having something funny sure is a great way to get through a long working day!

    @ ninjovee:
    Being able to do such epic balancing jutsu, his chakura is not to be underestimated!

    @ Kaiami:
    Really?? Man maybe it has appeared in more places than I have known!

  38. IwantoneIwantoneIwantoneIwantone!

  39. @ dangsoo:
    Me too, me too, me too! XD

  40. AMAZING!

    I'm trying to get one in Brazil!

  41. @ N:
    I'm still looking for one. Feel free to give me a shout if you do get one!

  42. This is really weird...and funny. I can't stop laughing.

  43. @ small hotel seychelles:
    Glad you like it!


  45. The airsoft pistol is a KWA KP45

  46. @ asd:
    Glad you like this post ^^;

    @ Anonymous:
    Thanks for the info. I've added in the caption now.

  47. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. My poor mom thought I was hysterically crying because my friend in Japan died in the tsunami (she's alive, thank god), and it took me minutes to be able to say "I'M LAUGHING MOM"

    My stomach still hurts tho XD

  48. This is really, really weird.

  49. thats why its soo funny. because its Sasuke.
    if its choji or naruto, its not really funny coz they jokes around. Sasuke is a serious one.
    and plus the fact that i cant believe that it can balance anything even upside down! mwahahha!
    i was full of tears earlier, (bec. of some personal problems) but this really wipes all my tears. and i still cant stop smiling and laughing about it! im gonna share this to everyone! :))

  50. I guess that these are discontinued now? I would love to get some.

  51. I´m from Argentina, HOW I CAN GET THAT FREAKING SASUKE-TOY?! DDDD: I want him so badly!!!!! ;<;

  52. Great, so now i'm going to be looking on ebay for one of these toys.
    What were the other toys in this range?

  53. Dude, I laughed very hard when I saw this post.



  54. This Sasuke toy was actually out there from McDonald's Pleased Food in Asia and Taiwan. Produced sometime in September, the unique element of the toy is that Sasuke could do a change if you push down the handle on his again.

  55. how come that your country have a sasuke uchiha toys over mcdonalds?


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  56. Thanks! I love it! It's great ;)

  57. Hey, would you have a balancing sasuke toy for sale? Or do you know anyone else who would? Thanks so much!

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