13 June 2010

Off to Tokyo this week

Image from this previous post

I will be leaving for a trip to Tokyo with my family tonight, arriving in Haneda Airport on Monday morning. Coincidently my last year's trip took place about the same date too. In short, I will be in Japan from 14th to 20th June.

While me and my family will be revisiting a lot of places we have already been in previous trips, there will be a couple of places that we would like to go to that we haven't really been to yet, such as Odaiba and Imperial Palace. I know some people ask "Why go to the same place again and again?", and well I guess it's a matter of personal preference really. Sure there are many other places one can go to, but revisitng the same place has its own charm; if one enjoys the place s/he has been to and would like to go back then it doesn't hurt to do so again, and moreso you'll become more familiar with the place you have been to.

Picture from this previous post

As for shopping, don't expect too much from me compared to many fellow bloggers who have been to Japan. Since I can get a lot of stuff fairly easily and in a good price in Hong Kong already, there is no real need for me to have to go to places like Akihabara specifically to buy them, BUT there are quite a number of shops that do re-selling discontnued items, event exclusive items, or just simply hard-to-get items. Basically it's like treasure hunting for me in some ways, but pickier I suppose.

Gosh I am pretty behind on blogs and comments these days with all the real life stuff and trip preparations etc. @_@;; Anyway I will be back on Sunday night, and I'll try to catch up with you guys when I come back!


  1. Wow, tokyo again? I'm jealous~~ :(

    Might be going Hong Kong again this year tho... so I guess it's better than nothing :P

  2. Don't worry Zhe, when you are on summer vacation, go take a trip to HK or Japan ^_^
    @Q: Do take a chance to visit Gundam Cafe just outside Akihabara station!

  3. All I can say is have a good time there mate :D

  4. Not much tosay, except enjoy the trip...and well maybe try one of those Gundam takiyaki^^

  5. @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
    I am sure a lot of people are very jealous over this upon reading this post....

    But do contact me when you get to come to Hong Kong! I will be staying in Hong Kong for the majority of this year so I hope we can meet up one day!

    @ robostrike:
    The Gundam Cafe is definitely on my to-go list! Should be pretty easy to spot too since it's just outside the JR station too!

    @ chubbybots:
    Thanks for the good will!

    @ GunStray:
    Thanks man! Will definitely try out those gunpla yakis for sure - I am really looking forward to one!

  6. @Roobostrike heh, THAT I will do xD

    @Q will do ^^ Didnt meet up with you last year because I didnt want to bother you on such a short notice, but I'll be sure to tell you way before hand this year if I'm going =P

  7. @ AstrayP03 (Zhe);
    Don't worry; I wasn't even in Hong Kong when you came over last time. Just pop me an email like last time or leave a comment so we have plenty of time to plan ahead!

  8. Have fun in Japan ^^. I usually go to the same places as well lol. When I do get the chance I do like to explore different parts of where I usually go. Can't wait to see your pics. Hope you find some treasure ^^.

  9. Have a nice trip Q, adding you to the ol blogroll, its been a while lol ^^

  10. Have fun! Damn... I'm already thinking of the goodies you're about to take home @__@

  11. @ AS:
    Haha looks like we're not alone. Even when I revisit old places I still see something new now and then like my latest trip to Akihabara. Not sure how many pictures I will decide to post up (since there are quite a bit of repeats from last trip) but we will see.

    @ jpskyline:
    Oh it has been a while blueplains. Will update my blogroll shortly!

    @ K:
    Trust me - I don't buy that much interesting stuff compared to many others who went there; some buy up to a suitcase worth of goodies which makes mine seem very underwhelming. ^^;

  12. Lucky guy...another trip to Tokyo. Hope you had lots of fun there.

  13. @ Tommy:
    I know the feeling when people get to go to Tokyo again and again... I get a lot of these 'grudges' alreaedy... ^^;

    I had a nice trip this year too. Will do a few posts on the trip, but not a lot since a lot of places are revisits.


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