12 January 2010

Away in the Cold

From Random Curiosity

As the title suggests, I will be away for some time, and you would have noticed that I have not updated for a week already. Life hits me hard this time, and being back in the UK again in cold and snowy weather, I am not liking the current situation.

Net activity would also have to be kept to a minimum as well, so I would "disappear" for a short time. I will try to get a belated coverage on Gundam Expo Hong Kong 2009 up soon or later. If not I should be back later next week.


  1. Hope you are able to battle the change of weather quickly. I know friends who travel between two extreme temperatures and they ended up with a bad cold T_T
    Wishing you success in your studies! ^_^

  2. it's blazing 35 degrees here and I'm sweating it out. Let swap but I gotta be reasonable, I think I will get sick there. :(

  3. Oh youre back in the UK?

    As far as I heard you guys got struck pretty bad huh?Its a bit cold here but nothing to write home about.

    But hey you know that theres no bad weather just bad clothes right :D

    See you soon ^^

  4. Stay warm and keep yourself in good health, Q! I'll be looking forward to your Gundam Expo HK ^^.

  5. No worries old friend, just stay warm. I read a report that for the next 30 years or so, the global temperatures are going to be lower than average. Not that this means much, but kinda interesting. This crazy Earth of ours.

  6. COME BACK Q!!!! Oh well, study hard, I will crap more to you when you are back ^^.

  7. We will patiently wait for your return. And do take good care of yourself in the cold weather as well.

  8. @ robostrike:
    I can withstand a bit of cold weather, but it's the studies that was hitting me bad. Thanks for the good will though!

    @ Optic:
    You'll probably get sick by the boredom rather than by the cold weather over here -_-;;

    @ Blowfish:
    The bad weather is already quite mild for where I am in the UK, but I have never been a fan of it.

    I know the conditions in other areas of Europe were probably worse so I am quite lucky already.

    @ Z:
    Thanks. Gundam Expo Hong Kong's coverage should be up by now! ^^

    @ Apt-1B:
    I did hear a news article saying that we are now entering a new mini-ice age of some kind. Not sure how true this is, but we shall see.

    @ zenical:
    I am back, I am back. Will try to be more active as I should have more free time for the upcoming two weeks.

    @ Jacques:
    Thanks for the good will! Luckily the weather is improving over the week, and I am grateful for that.


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