22 November 2009

MG GN-X Announced!

Recent hobby magazines have shown that GN-X is announced as the second MG for Gundam 00 series, after Gundam Exia!

It is to be released in January 2010 at retail price of 3780 Yen (tax inclusive).

This is truly unexpected for a lot of people, since GN-X will be the first grunt machine to be on MG (Master Grade) outside Universal Century.

Original artwork of GN-X

GN-X is a mobile suit introduced late in the first season of Gundam 00. Equipped with pseudo solar furnaces (aka GN Drive Tau), they are the first mass-produced units capable of matching against the Gundam units.

With the release of GN-X, it is very likely that other variants will be added to MG as well, including but not limited to Advanced GN-X, GN-XIII (from Gundam 00 Season 2), and even the GN-XIV for the upcoming Gundam 00 Movie.

From Random Curiosity

I didn't expect GN-X to be released for Master Grade! In my opinion, it's one of the more unique-looking designs for Gundam 00. Looks tempting I must say, and I love its long barrel rifle ^^; was thinking about buying several 1/144s to make a squad of them some time ago. Maybe I'll buy one and pair it up with my yet-to-build MG Exia :o

"This one I is gei-ren-ti must buy!! XD" - Ngee Khiong


  1. this piece of news is indeed quite a surprise for many of us, I'm sure many were expecting something else like the Flag, overflag, tieren or enact,etc.

    Should be intereesting to see how the kit looks like and the potential variants that Bandai might release in future. THe best word of advice for interested buyers would be to play a 'wait and see' game and see what else Bandai might throw at us.

  2. boo. :(

    Turns out the MG Gundam X was a fake. Feeling real disappointed about it right now.

  3. @ Jacques:
    With many blogs and sites to keep us informed, I think that many are adopting the "wait and see" approach, and knowing Bandai variants will bound to come out one way or the other.

    Never heard about a MG Gundam X before, unless you mean GN-X (haven't heard that it's a fake anywhere else just yet). Speaking of Gundam X, I heard it may be released on Robot Damashii in the near future.

  4. Think I'll give it a miss. There are other grunt MS from other shows which I think would have made a more interesting choice.
    Heck, I would have preferred an Enact or Flag!

    And I'm still holding out for my MG V2 assault buster gundam!!!

  5. Hahah, I really loved the original GN-X, though the A-lols and the ESNF, customs were pretty, err, really gruntish.

  6. Oh this is a grunt unit? I haven't gone far into Gundam 00 unfortunately. ^^;

    Interesting that these guys get an MG before any of the other Gundams from 00. Seems like 00 is the new Seed to make MGs out of?

  7. >> LS: MG exia it out first, and Bandai cant break a tradition of Gundam first then the Grunt

  8. Honestly, I don't think I'll ever get into the gundam bots.

  9. At last, a non UC-based grunt MG. Love the rifle, makes it looks... Niiice...

  10. @ gundamjehutykai:
    The Flags are much more popular (I personally like the Tieren more but that's another story), but I hear that GN-X getting developed for MG is partly due to the designer's wish or something. I am not sure.

    As for the V2, I think it probably won't appear in the near future (at least from what I've read from a Japanese interview), so don't hold your breath on it!

    @ GunStray:
    GN-XIII feels like a watered down version of the original. I still like the Advanced GN-X the most, followed closely by the original~

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    It's surprising that the 2nd MG from 00 happens to be a grunt unit, and even more it's the GN-X.

    Gundams from other non-UC series have made into MG line too, namely the G and W, but it's not surprising that 00 will have more involvement, particularly when it's still very fresh and popular at the moment (just like SEED back then).

    @ Snark:
    Well at least you do like the Zakus from the Gundam universe, right?

    @ BD77:
    The beam rifle has a sleek design. Looks great by itself, and with the long barrel add-on I'm simply loving it~


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