7 September 2009

Gundam in Odaiba

A bit ironically late to post this now as the Gundam should be getting / already dismantled by now, but here it is, the Gundam that has once stood proudly in Odaiba.

After a lunch in Tsukiji Fish Market, we took a few trains and finally arrived at Odaiba by Yurikamome, a monorail lookalike fully automated transit system.

Upon arrival, we can see the Gundam from the station already~ ^^

Getting off the station

Fuji TV Station

Hotel Nikko Tokyo

Getting closer and closer to the Rainbow Bridge

La Statue de la Liberte, one of the various replica of the Statue of Liberty all over the world.

A map of Shiokaze park. The Gundam should be in that circular space called The Sun Space

The moment we enter The Sun Square in Shiokaze Park - the 30 years old legend is here!

Even though it's half a month before its official display period, there were still a sizeable crowd standing before the Gundam.

Left and right hand

This is Gundam!

Slightly closer up: that's as far as my camera can zoom as it's not one of those fancy DSLR cameras.

Let's go on a Gundam 360 Tour:

It's like doing a photoshoot with a humongous figure XD

Details on the backpack

Gundam overlooking the buildings.

Something that would normally only appear on TV screens has finally come to life!

All sorts of people, men and women, taking pictures or just appreciating the sight of the life size Gundam in front of them.

Messing around with exposures.

More messing around with the shots, beginner style.

Last picture before going. To be honest I kinda miss it already by the time I start leaving.

It's been 30 years, and the Gundam franchise has grown so much thanks to the original Gundam, aka RX-78-2. Aired in 1979, where the super robots took the dominance for the mecha-related genre, Gundam took on some of the more realistic themes and ideas and put it in the show. It is said that this is where the "real robot" genre starts to boom, where it is one of the dominant genres right now.

Despite the fact that Gundam a common subject for otakus to associate with, it also means a lot to ordinary people, young and old, men and women, within Japan or outside Japan. It has appeared on TVs and other medias as well as in models (aka gunpla) throughout these 30 years, and after all these times it's still as popular as ever, with the franchise growing with more and more series (such as the recent Gumdam 00 and the upcoming Gundam UC which is getting animated next year). It definitely has become a symbol in the Japanese culture, not only for otakus but for the general population.

Even if you're not into Gundams or mechs in general, let's appreciate how a 18m tall mech has once become materialised, standing proudly in front of various fans and non-fans in Odaiba.

Haven't got the info for where the Gundam will end up after its display period in Odaiba, but someone such as Ngee Khiong may get us informed once the news come.


Gundam in Odaiba


  1. Shame he's getting dismantled, would have loved to see him as a permanent feature!

    Anyway, now Japan needs to get working on a 1/1 scale Gunbuster!

  2. I did not know he got dismantled. I'm totally out of the loop. What are they gonna do with it?

    Pretty awesome that you walked all the way around it and got so many shots.

  3. What I would of given to have been able to see that in person. I wish they would of left it up for good.

  4. @ Snark:
    Yea, too bad it's just a temporary display.

    I know that Tetsujin 28 is being contructed in Kobe, which should be a permanent display. We may get more and more robots getting life size statue treatment in the futures when they get their own big anniversaries :o

    @ radiantdreamer:
    It's only up for display for 2 months or so. So far no info is known about its whereabouts in the future. I think the guys up top are good at keeping their mouths shut until they think the moment is right.

    Going around taking photos of the Gundam is sure fun, even with just a simple compact digital camera!

    @ Bluedrakon:
    I'm sure it will be back sometime somewhere; they won't spend lots of money and time planning and building the Gundam just to display it for 2 months and dump it away. I'd say we wait until we get more info of its future.

  5. Outstanding! I wish I could have seen it in person. Nice shot, at dusk. It looks great!

  6. I'm still impressed no matter how many times I see its pictures. The only regret I have is not being able to see it in person. I hope they're just relocating it to a permanent residence so I can, one day, get a glimpse of Gundam glory.

    I haven't really gotten into the newer Gundam series' even though they look really fancy. My favourite is still Stardust Memory. ^^;

  7. @ Apt-1B:
    My compact digital camera isn't the best to show it in full glory, but I'm glad that they turn out ok so in pictures at the end!

    @ Tommy:
    A two month display is rather temporary for such a big work, so a lot of people still didn't manage to visit it in Odaiba. We just have to wait until we know its next location.

    The newer series are okay. Some of the older series tend to be more preferable IMHO. I'm just over the half way mark on Stardust Memory right now! ^^

  8. I didnt know that this wasnt a permanent exhibition...
    Im by no means a mechafan but theres something impressive about bringing something like this to life

  9. @ Blowfish:
    Getting something large and symbollic from anime series to materialise in life size is always impressive and breathtaking, be it for fans or non-fans. The Gundam been fully dissembled, and we still have no known details about its future. Guess we just have to wait for the time being until new info leaks out.


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