8 July 2009

One Year of Daybreak

Sometime this day last year, a new blog was born, just like any other daybreak one would see in a typical morning.

To the new visitors, I welcome you and thank you for stopping by.

To the returning readers, I thank you for coming back to my humble blog.

Not surprisingly, this is one of those "anniversary" post thats you may have seen on some other blogs already. Personally, I am not into the milestone or statistics, so rather than going into the numbers why not just sit back and know how all this got started?

Like many fellow bloggers with similar interests, I have started blogging in the summer last year. Due to the fact that I do have an interest towards a variety of things, I have decided to narrow my blog's focus to Gundam, figures, Hong Kong (where I live), Japan, and the anime-related things in general. It may still seem a little varied for some, but for me I am happy with what I am blogging about already.

Originally there was a blog before this with the same URL known as Q's Random Journal, which I had around for about 4 years but I didn't do much blogging on it, and the stuff I did blog about were woefully varied, as if there's no sense of focus or direction at all.

How my blog used to look like

When it came to July last year, I gave some more serious thought about blogging after following a few blogs that offered me some inspirations, namely Ngee Khiong and Danny Choo. At the end I have decided to delete the old blog but start a new one under the same URL. However it took me a while to come up with a new blog name.

Although hardly ever mentioned in my blog, the band L'arc~en~Ciel was where I got the blog's name from

Those who know what Daybreak's Bell is would know that it is an opening theme song from a J-Rock band called L'arc~en~Ciel for the anime series Gundam 00. Other than listening to Japanese songs from various anime series, they're the only artists whose songs that I would actually focus and listen to. Having the oppurtunity to attend their only concert performance in Hong Kong, I ended up naming my blog Daybreak's Bell. For me the title (not the song itself) was symbolising a new start, as if with light shimmering from utter darkness it gives me a new direction to head out for, unlike what I have done with my old blog which was like poking around in a state of astray.

Getting back into blogging is quite interesting. Over this timespan of one year I have met a lot of fellow bloggers, exchanged links with some, as well as maintaining contact with them. I have met blogs that specialise on the Gundam franchise, those who solely focus on PVC figures, some who share a bit of both or even be blogging a lot about various Japanese things. There's been quite a lot of colours I have witnessed in the blogosphere, and it is overall a positive experience.

Kotobukiya's Candy Bikini Shana was my first ever PVC figure

As for how the blog is heading now, I will still focus on what I am blogging on at the moment, but with one more thing: to get people to understand and appreciate Hong Kong more than they used to so they don't find it more foreign than, say Japan, which is where a lot of my hobby and interests are influenced from.

I am not looking for "hits" or "popularity" particularly, but just sharing my common interest with others (anime, figures, Gundams), perhaps showing them in a different perspective or opinion, is what I want to do. However, each comment that you have given me has mean so much to me, and I want to thank you for your support all this time!

Last but not least, I want to thank those who helped inspired me to resume blogging, as well as those who have continued to support me throughout this year (in no particular order):

Ngee Khiong
, Apt-1B, GunStray, zenical, Lightning Sabre, gordon, Otaku Dan, Blowfish, konadora, Roy, Saku, valho, Willie, Optic, seven6398, Jacques, James, meronpan, RyoBase, Danny Choo, T.I.P., radiant, Snark, persocom, vixion, blood on the mirror, Z, gndynames, AstrayP03, suki, and many more

Great apologies if I have miss anyone out there, but you can inform me should I have carelessly forgotten you so I can add it on the credits.


To finish off, and let's celebrate with a birthday cake, the 08th MS Team's way!


  1. Woooo! First?

    Its weird that so many people started around the same time,isnt it?

    I always enjoy reading your blog even though it isnt that focused on a specific subject.In fact I think thats whats making your blog interesting ^^

    Now wheres Kawaii the Dolphin? I wanna munch some cake with him.

    Lets have a fun second year of blogging ^_^b

  2. Whoa you too!? haha seems like July is our bloggers month :D Happy Anniversary for blogging!

    I really enjoy visiting your site because I never know what to expect whether it be about a gunpla, a figure, food, or some random shots :)

    I agree with the hits, they don't really matter, what matters is the material you show and how you do it :D

    Comments mean everything though ^^
    That cake looks delicious ^^

  3. i started around september lolz...
    happy anniversary ^^


  4. Happy 1 year anniversary ^^

  5. Happy Anniversary matey. ^^

    Remember the gundam i bought from the HLJ sale. Tuning into ur posts about gundams has got me interested in them bit by bit overtime to a point i felt like owning one. xD

    After my trip to HK, I appreciate HK so much more now. The nightlife is just amazing and the shopping is just nuts.
    I look forward in going back someday. ^^

  6. WaH! Seriously? My name is there. I have two blogs. One is the robot blog and one is more personal and mostly about photogrpahy. Anyway, I agree that we should focus on what we want to write. Hehehe

  7. "Ngee Khiong, Apt-1B, GunStray, zenical, Lightning Sabre, gordon, Otaku Dan, Blowfish, konadora, roy, Saku, valho, Willie, Optic, seven6398, Jacques, James, meronpan, RyoBase, Danny Choo, T.I.P., radiant, Snark, persocom, vixion, blood on the mirror, Z, and many more"

    Excellent. Now I have a list of the people who I have to kill and steal their powers from.

  8. Another one who joined in the beginning of summer 2008 XD Time sure flies eh?

    No offense and all, but the reason why I always come back is your materials are different from others. It's not all about materialistic goods and overloaded anime stuff, not that there's anything wrong with it. But for folks who lack funds, opportunities in the area, and have our own stuff to do, it's definitely something else to come up with material to write about.

    Happy anniversary, keep up the good stuff!

    BTW, is that an M67 in the middle of the cake? (yes I'm aware of it being from MSG: 08th MS Team)

  9. Happy Anniversary! Mine is coming up later in the month as well ^^

  10. Err sorry for the lateness, and Happy anniversary.

    You should also celebrate more than just with cake, I suggest blowing stuff up with your hildolfr^^

  11. it's so funny we all started around the same time.. LOL.

    yeah. do keep your posts coming in! I believe that blogging should be purely of your interest, and not blogging because of popularity and stuff. ^^

    zotaku one will be coming next month.. do keep stalking me there because i'm doing something special for "1 year" XD.

  12. Well congrats my friend, It's been great to read your posts, I check your blog nearly every day.

    Keep up the excellent work my friend!

  13. @ Blowfish:
    First indeed. In Chinese we call it 搶沙發位 (i.e. seizing the sofa seat).

    I was surprised that many people started blogging around this time last year. With anniversary posts coming one after another recently, and it's my turn this time. ^^;

    Was actually a little worried when I restarted blogging as I thought I would still jump from topic to topic so much it becomes random, like what I have done with my old blog. But having them all grasped on the same scope of interest (i.e. hobby), I felt that I have more of a sense of direction as in what to blog about.

    You miss Kawaii? Will get her back later so you can enjoy some cake with her (yes she's a girl 'cause my sister says so ^^;)~

    @ blueplains:
    Perhaps we all felt like starting in the summer? ^^;

    Due to my slightly broad interest, I had to drop military behind as it belongs to a very different world (at least for me), but I have still mentioned it very briefly on my blog now and then.

    Overall, as long as I blog what I want to blog about, and people like it, I am happy the way it goes.

    @ AstrayP03:
    Your blog's anniversary is not too far ahead now!

    @ Saku:
    Thank you!

    @ Optic:
    Haha I'm glad that you get to appreciate the Gundam franchise bit by bit, just as I have from other blogs. ^^

    Perhaps what's great (or evil) about blogs is that they can be influential, and I already fell for several things within this one whole year, be it some figures or gunpla XD

    I look forward to the day you get to visit Hong Kong again~

    @ Willie:
    I want to give as many thanks to those who enjoy my stuff and return for more.

    It's interesting to see that you have two different blogs for two different things. I did think about starting another blog for military, but decided to keep it to mysel

    @ Snark:
    Hey you're included in your own hit list too, so you're gonna kill yourself as well? ^^;

    @ gndynames:
    Oh my goodness I can't believe that I have forgotten to include you! My sincere apologies for that OTL

    It's not easy to come out with something different from others. Blogging stuff that many others have mentioned already will make them redundant, so I have to look at things we have in common in my own perspective, or something that we may know or be interested but not often mentioned outside the Asian community (e.g. Kugimiya Disease).

    The grenade does resemble the M67, which I think is connected to the Vietnam War theme 08th MS Team seems to have.

    @ Persocom:
    Really? Looking forward to your anniversary too!

    @ GunStray:
    It's never too late to celebrate!

    Ah the Hildolfr... I still have to build it along with a number of my gunpla backlog >_<;;

    @ zenical:
    It is indeed quite funny we all started around the same time; was quite astonished with anniversary posts coming one after another ^^;

    I agree with what you said there. Popularity should be an outcome, and it does really depend on the quality of the posts, as well as communications among other bloggers (it's difficult work though @_@).

    Something special for your 1 year anniversary next month? I'm curious about what sort of thing you're brewing there ^^

    @ Apt-1B:
    I am glad that you find my variety of posts interesting to read. Will try to keep up the effort!

  14. Happy anniversary! As a present, I'll treat you a dozen of beers and a cookie, yeah.

  15. Happy blogday!(TM) Man, I've seen this a lot lately XD But glad you kept at it. Variety is the spice of life, ne? ^^

    I realized I've been on Blogger since around July as well, but I didn't really start til much later... Always had been a procrastinator XD

    And yeah, I remember that Shana very well, we discussed it a little bit at AFN on FB ^_^

    Ah and I knew I've seen that bday cake from somewhere! It is from 8th MS team. Haven't seen it in a while :D

    I'm grateful to be able to help inspire someone ^_~ And now to hide from Snark >.>

  16. congrats on your one year of blogging

  17. congrats! been a pleasure reading! here's to another year! /kanpai

  18. Congratulations on your anniversary. It's been a pleasure to meet you in the blogosphere, cheers!

  19. Congrats on the anniversary! Looking forward to another year to come.

  20. Congrats man, That reminds me, i need to take a snapshot of my current blog so that I can post it around next year ^^

  21. Happy Anniversary, Q!

    As many has already pointed out, it sure is a big coincidence that many shared the same month for their blog's birthday & anniversary.

    Maybe we should dedicate some sort of event or commemoration on July.

  22. @ RyoBase:
    Thanks! Beer for everybody, cookie for myself~

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    There's surely been a lot of blogdays recently XD

    I'm still surprised how I've got this account since August 2004, but only started blogging properly last year. I remembered posting a picture of Shana as well as a link on AFN (when I was still active there back then), and it definitely didn't feel like being a year ago! Time surely flies o_o;;

    Before Snark comes and strikes you off from his hit list, I thank you for the support all these times!

    @ Otaku Dan:
    Thanks! It's been a pleasure reading your daily posts~

    @ meronpan:
    Kanpai for another year! It's been a pleasure reading your figure reviews and Japan-related stuff too!

    @ T.I.P.:
    It has been a pleasure to know you too! Your posts are interesting to read too!

    @ Bluedrakon:
    Thanks, hope I can make it to my 2nd year!

    @ Asuka:
    I don't look back at often, but it's surely a nice idea to capture psat memories for nostalgia. ^^

    @ Jacques:
    I am actually starting to wonder whether this is all more than a mere coincidence...

    And there's more to come later this month I think ^^;

  23. Wow, congrats on the 1 year man!!

  24. @ radiantdreamer:
    Thanks man. Your blog was the one of the first figure blogs I've visited back in the AFN days, and your AFN sure helped people to appreciate the hobby more than before!

  25. Rather late but congrats~!

  26. @ konadora:
    Don't worry about being late, and thank you!


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