30 June 2009

Chilling in Yokohama

Sorry for taking so long to get this, but there's a lot of photos to comb out. Without delay, let's get into the first day of my trip to Japan this year.

Surprisingly, our first stop is not anywhere in Tokyo, but in Yokohama. So we took a bus straight from the airport (Haneda) to Yokohama.

Charging the Suica card. We keep them from the previous journey last year (and the year before) so we don't have to purchase individual tickets all the time. Another good thing is that Suica cards don't seem to have expiry dates, therefore we can keep them for future trips.

We planned not to spend our first night in a hotel, so we stored our suitcases in the lockers inside the train station.

Close the door, confirm the locker number, present the Suica card to pay for the fee and voila, it's done. A receipt appears afterwards for reference. To open it, just present the Suica card. There will be extra charge for storing items longer than 1 day.

Alternatively, there are coin lockers, which means instead of using Suica card to pay you insert a coin and take the key out after locking your content inside. My sister used them often for storing her shopping stuff so she can shop some more without having to carry them around.

World Porters, a huge mall that we have spent inside for the afternoon.

A panda with scary glowing eyes XD

Lunch: Omurice (オムライス) - literally rice within a huge omelette.

Dog sculptures made out of charcoal. These are surely impressive! Apparently having charcoal in your room is good for absorbing odours, but I am not sure.

Yokohama is celebrating its 150th anniversary of opening of its port, and therefore there are various souvenir and goods here and there. Here are the starwberry cheesecake flavour KitKats.

A quick picture of the mall's ground floor

Dinner in Manyo Club (part 1 - Tonkatsu + Curry

Dinner part 2 - I think was a little hungry that night

Dessert - An ice-cream of matcha (抹茶) and vanilla flavour

Tuna roll - even though I am not really into seafood, I somehow really like tuna and salmon sushi

Hot spring egg, or onsen tamago (温泉卵) - which are semi boiled eggs.

Looking at the Cosmo Clock 21 ferris wheel from the roof of Manyo Club. It normally displays its lights like a clock, but does some fancy light 'performance' every 15 minutes. A great sight at the nighttime I gotta say~

Well, that ends the first day of my trip to Japan. It was the first time we didn't spend in a hotel for the first day of a trip. We arrived pretty early that day and didn't sleep much as it was a late flight and around 4 hours of flight, so we didn't do much and spent most of the time relaxing in Manyo Club. Hope you like the photos so far. Will get around to day 2 sometime next week.


  1. Excellent work my friend. I always like these posts of yours, it feels like I took the trip as well!

    Mmm...tuna rolls..that sounds really really good right now~

  2. Oh my goodness. If i ever go there, how am i going to survive? All words are written in Japanese.

  3. Awww... I've always wanted to see that ferris wheel for real after I watched Honey and Clover. It has always been my dream. XD

    Looking at the food made me hungry.

  4. Fucking hell the panda was cute XD

  5. wow that's so cool.

    so if you guys didn't go to a hotel, where did you guys sleep or something? I know you can hang out in an internet cafe for a cheaper price. XD

  6. @ Apt-1B:
    I'm glad that you enjoy these posts. Hope they will help you to some degree when you go to Japan!

    @ Willie:
    They do have some English next to the Japanese in public services and transports, but otherwise it may not be easy to go around by yourself.

    And for me, my Japanese is still pretty much at beginner stage, and my only saving graces are my knowledge of Kanji (from my Chinese) and Katakana...

    @ kran117:
    Oooh I didn't know that the ferris wheel in Honey and Clover is the one in Yokohama (but that was because I haven't watched the series yet)!

    There shall be more food to keep you hungry in the future XD

    @ Snark:
    If it weren't for those glowing eyes it's emitting, I don't think I would have taken a picture of it. Apparently it is suppose to play some tunes at the same time too!

    @ blood on the mirror:
    Ah that's a good question, because I forgot to mention it. We actually stayed overnight inside Manyo Club, as there is a large resting room for 200+ people. Had to cope with lots of people snoring at the same time though ^^;

  7. "That panda will steal ur soul..."

    Haha, now I feel hungry after seeing all that food.

  8. Something missing.
    Where's "U" Chilling in Yokohama? xD

    Love the Cosmo Clock 21 ferris wheel. Reminds of the nightlife in china. lol

  9. @ GunStray:
    lol, that panda is pretty intimidating and awesome at the same time XD

    @ Optic:
    Haha, I have a habit of not taking pictures of myself, much to my sister's disapproval (she finds it weird)...

    The Cosmo Clock 21 is surely a great sight, but I'm surprised that it reminds you of nightlife in Beijing lol!

  10. Hmm have to look into this Suica card when I get around to going to Japan. Hehe lots of food pictures as I thought when going to Japan XD

    That Omurice doesn't look like it has any rice... or is it drowned in ketchup? ^^;

  11. @ Lightning Sabre:
    Suica card can be used to pay for stuff in convenience store too btw! And yes food is one those to-do list in these trips XD

    In omurice, the rice is inside the omelette itself, not underneath the sauce there. It's quite interesting thing though I must say.

  12. Im sooo envious!
    Its good to see that you enjyoed your trip.It looks like you were quite hungry on that day though

  13. @ Blowfish:
    I was pretty hungry and tired on the first day ;flight departed late at night and I only slept for 3 hours or so on the plane before it's Yokohama for the whole day and night). Haven't eaten that much for a while... @_@

  14. Dog sculptures made out of charcoal...that's new !

  15. @ blaureiter:
    I've only seen ordinary charcoal or a whole log of charcoal in shops prior to this trip, so this is cool as not only does it absorb odour and humidity, but is also as a nice decoration!


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