8 March 2009

MS IGLOO 2 Episode 3 Trailer


Info and trailer for the third episode of Mobile Suit Gundam: MS IGLOO 2 are now up on the official website and dot-anime~ After having conventional weapons such as anti-tank missiles and tanks in the previous episodes, this one will finally introduce Federation mobile suits participating in Operation Odessa - one of the greatest battle in the One Year War of Gundam's in-universe history.

Screenshots and trailer after the jump.


The name of the third and final episode is named 「オデッサ、鉄の嵐!」, meaning "Odessa, storm of steel!" (should be "storm of iron" but "steel" sounds better). For a change the protagonist this time will be a woman. Although I cannot determine her romanisation of her name (アリーヌ・ネイゾン), she seems to have chosen war over imprisonment. What's interesting is that she shares the same seiyuu as the Shinigami, who has featured in the 2 previous episodes as well.

Ground Assault Type Guntank in assault gun and MS form

While the rest of the Federation forces uses conventional weapons and the limited production Ground Type GMs, the protagonist leads a team of RTX-440 Ground Assault Type Guntanks. These odd-looking mobile suits are able to transform into assault gun mode, which seems to yield a lower profile (and perhaps better speed?).

The ending song this time will be NO LIMITS ∞ by TAJA. Those who have watched the first MS IGLOO series will remember her as she sung two opening themes, namely 時空のたもと and 夢轍. It's nice to see her coming back to MS IGLOO for this episode's theme song~

「オデッサ、鉄の嵐!」 will be released on 24th April in on DVDs and Blu-Ray DVDs. Still feels like a long time from now... ^^; But for the time being let's look forward to the blazing finale!

Trailer from Youtube below:



  1. where can i watch or download MS igloo?

  2. @ AstrayP03:
    If you can read Chinese subtitles, then websites such as Tudou and Youku will have them for you.

    For English subtitles, gg does the subs, so you can visit their website here (episode 1 is uploaded somewhere on YouTube too):


  3. is it this site?
    http://www.tudou.com/ ?

    kk. thnx ^^ cus all the while i could only find spanish subs...=_="

  4. @ AstrayP03:
    Yep that's the one. Remember they only have Chinese subs though (same for Youku). ^^


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