31 January 2009

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya-chan

KyoAni is dishing out a new Haruhi anime very soon. Not the next season that many have been anticipating for, but something a bit different.

The new anime is called 涼宮ハルヒちゃんの憂鬱 (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya-chan), and it will be released as ONA (Original Net Animation). As far as I know, it's an adaptation of a spin-off with the same name.

The spin-off manga (right) itself, from meronpan

The anime adaptation was announced as early as late August last year, but it somehow managed to go beneath my radar unnoticed.

As far as I know, the anime go on air on 19th February from Kadokawa Anime YouTube channel. There will be a new opening song called 「いままでのあらすじ」, meaning "The current plot/outline".

Since I have never touched upon this spin-off, I have no idea what it is going to be about. Perhaps some of you out there will have a greater knowledge of this to enlighten me. Well, it's less than 2 weeks 'til its airing date. Let's see how KyoAni pulls this off :o



  1. Im not really into Haruhi so i cant tell you anything about it.
    Are fans actually pleased about this or would they favor a second season?

  2. I think they are just teasing us by releasing a spin-off to keep the fans cool.
    After this, the fans will just want more.

  3. Just a spin-off would be fun to watch too. ^^ The story of Haruhi is meant to be lighthearted and funny. It would be great to see the element for laughter gets a level up in this new series. ^^

  4. Looks pretty cute, I might take a look at it!

  5. It looks like that a new season will be on air in April according to ANN (i.e. straight after Clannad After Story). Let's hope this is it as the wait has been a little while (nearly 3 years now).

    @ Blowfish:
    From what I've read there's a positive feedback on its announcement in general. While it does sound as if they're using this to push the second season even further back, I think KyoAni has a good reason for it, or else it would have been aired in 2007/8 already.

    @ Optic:
    I first thought so too before I knew about the new season, but it now the news on the 2nd season came too sudden that many people caught in surprise by it, including myself.

    @ Ngee Khiong:
    Original spin-offs can be pretty good, but I haven't seen a spin-off based on a manga medium. I hope I won't be disadvantaged by not having read the manga :o

    As for the actual anime, the short, one-chapter stories are quite lighthearted indeed, but I think we'll be hitting some big arcs soon (i.e. the 4th volume of novel)

    @ Snark:
    Being an ONA (i.e. distributed online) it wouldn't hurt to try it out. Hopefully it'll be a good one even if I haven't read the spin-off.

  6. To be honest, KyoAni's just messing with the fans.

    There's no reason other than to milk the franchise dry before releasing another season, as to renew their money printing ip.

  7. @ Anonymous:
    You have a good point actually, as quite a few people are sceptical about the annoucement (including myself). It apparently turns out that the so-called second season is just going to be a rebroadcast, and nothing more.

    Are they really gonna milk much out of the spin-off? I'm not sure, as I have no idea what it's about. But it does look like that it's gonna be a temporary thing to keep the fans cool (perhaps).

  8. all this confusing stuff about a new series, same series rebroadcast, haruhi-chan or nyoron whatever has me all... well... confused ^^;

    think i'll just wait until after the fact then see what they've given us ^^;

    that said, if haruhi-chan is indeed airing on the net soon... looking forward to it!

  9. @ meronpan:
    The recent thing about the apparent new season is indeed confusing, and it enraged a lot of fans because they felt that they got trolled by KyoAni. @_@

    However, I'm pretty certain that the Haruhi-chan ONA will be released on schedule. Do look forward to it! ^^

  10. I also have no idea what Haruhi-chan is about. However, I've seen many artworks, and they're as cute as heck. So yeah, I look forward to it!

  11. @ M12:
    All I knew was that there's a Churuya-san and that's it about the Haruhi-chan spinoff. Should be a good one hopefully!

  12. While I don't mind the spin-off, I seriously wish they'd just air the series already.

    Or they better make the second season epic or they will definitely lose a LOT of fans. We've been waiting forever after all.

  13. @ blood on the mirror:
    KyoAni is delaying the next series a little too much for the fans to anticipate. I guess we'll really have to see what the coming Newtype magazine will tell us about it.

    Besides, the 10th novel has been indefinitely as well. It's been more than a year since its volume, and there are no more news of it since its announcement of delay many moons ago.

  14. I think the writers been delaying the novel till the second season has been released.

    This of course means that it will never come out.


  15. @ Anonymous:
    I did think about that too as it would have worked in terms of marketing strategy, but something clearly has gone wrong here as we've got no news from the anime or the novels for a while.

    Worrying indeed, but I doubt that they won't make it at the end. Can't be sure that they can pull it off as good as the first season though (not too sure about the novel as I haven't read the 9th volume).

  16. I feel like they are milking too much from the fans.

    If this is what they are really doing, it's a bad strategy on their part.

  17. @ blood on the mirror:
    The Haruhi franchise does get more hype than others, perhaps a bit over the top now and then. As a result companies will continuously try to take the advantage of this as much as they can.

    Both Haruhi-chan and Churuya-san have gone up to ep 3 now. By looking at fan's reaction it seems to be fairly positive. Maybe KyoAni is indeed keeping them calm enough to anticipate season 2? I dunno. :\


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