15 January 2009

January WIP

I am a little occupied recently, but to get things motivated I've decided to start on a gunpla.

It is the 1/144 HGUC Kämpfer gunpla, which I've bought sometime at the end of last year.

For those who are unfamiliar with this, Kämpfer is a mobile suit from Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, built secretly in a neutral colony and was used in the attempt to destroy the new Gundam in development.

I didn't realise it looks so wide from the side o_o

Nice variety of weapons. Still gotta build the chain mine though.

Instead of the original navy blue, I've decided to spray paint it white followed by pearl white (the lazy way). The shiny surface looks promising to how I want it to be~

The beast waiting for the awakeneing...

I hope I can get it finished by next weekend orz.


  1. looks great. initially i though bandai released it in a new colour to milk our money again. lol.

    gonna finish my kits during the Chinese new year long holidays.

  2. Excellent work old friend, the color scheme is magnificent! I need to get cracking on my S Gundam project again.

    Good luck with the Kampfer, maybe you should look into picking up an Alex to go with it, heheh.

    - "Okay now, Misha show you how to fight"

  3. @ gordon:
    lol it does look as if it's a recoloured release from Bandai, but I'm liking how the lustre from the pearl white paint turns out to be~

    No Chinese New Year holiday for me in the UK, but I will try to find some time to finish it. T_T

    @ Apt-1B:
    Thanks! I'm really liking how the new colour goes in~

    Alex is an interesting Gundam. Really like the gattling gun on the arms~ If I am to get one I think I may do some recolouring or some minor/simple modding to it :o

    Looking forward to see your future progress on the customised S Gundam!

  4. try to cut the horn, the extra part at the back of its horn is actually a proctector [to avoid it is broken]

    and using washing tech shoul make line looks thinner :)

    there is line at the pipe around it's body, remove it [using knife and sand them] should made it prettier :D

    remove the seamlines at wepon :D

    sorry for long and annoying comment

    on the other hand , i like your color scheme [and my friends might say, it's looks like patlabor :D]

  5. A Kampfer, I wanted to get the MG version when I was still into building kit last time but just nvr got to it. The Kampfer you got there is looking great, I wonder how's the articulation for the HGUC version.

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  7. That's an incredibly detailed Gunpla =O. It's cool how it consists of mostly one colour. Looks awesome.

  8. @ vixion:
    Due to time contraint and lack of resources (and the fact that I'm actually very casual on model building), I may not be able to do some of the things, such as sanding the seamlines, but I really appreciate your suggestions there! Perhaps I can do some compromising here and there though. :o

    And haha he does look like a chubby Patlabor there indeed~

    @ valho:
    As far as I know the HGUC version has better articulation on the legs compared to the MG version, and the chain mine can hold better as it's the same wire but with smaller parts (i.e. less heavy). The downside is that the monoeye cannot move and there are quite a few thrusters that require painting. Afterall I'd recommend the HGUC one, especially when that line is seriously improving over the years.

    @ Keyword:
    Thanks. I will think about it.

    @ M12:
    Typically the Gundam's enemies tend to have simpler colour schemes, but they're just as cool (or sometimes even cooler)!

  9. Kämpfer? Not very original lol

    Looks pretty good so far! Hope to see more pictures soon

  10. @ Blowfish:
    lol well Sunrise tends to love giving a lot of things German names in the Gundam franchise :P

    Will try to get it done over the weekend!

  11. Looking great so far. Cant wait to see the finish piece.

  12. @ lobotman:
    Thanks. The gunpla is done. Will try to do the photoshoot this week.


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